All About The Quilt Of Valor + 13 Patriotic Quilt Of Valor Quilt Patterns

Have you ever considered making a quilt for a noble cause? 

One of the most well-known organizations that award quilts to deserving individuals is the Quilts of Valor Foundation. 

In this post, we will look at the history behind Quilts of Valor (QOV) and what makes this group so unique to so many in the United States. 

We’ll also look at some beautiful quilt patterns that hopefully will inspire you to create a QOV quilt. 

What Is a Quilt of Valor? 

A Quilt of Valor is a quilt made to be awarded to a United States of America veteran. These quilts are made using high-quality 100% cotton and produced using a quilt pattern suitable for a quality quilt. These quilts are meant to be a civilian award to a service member, not a gift or charity.

The QOV Foundation has special rules for making a quilt and proper sizing, and you must connect with the organization to award it properly to a veteran. 

Any quilt given to the foundation to be awarded to a veteran must meet their quality standards since they are passionate about what they do. Each quilt is meant to say, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.”

What Is the History of a Quilt of Valor? 

Catherine Roberts, the founder of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, started the foundation when her son, Nat, was deployed to Iraq in 2003. One night, she dreamed about a young soldier hunched over on the edge of the bed, stricken with grief.

The next thing she remembers from the dream is the soldier wrapped up in a quilt, and he then seemed at peace and comforted. 

Catherine took this dream as a sign to start a foundation to bring that peace and comfort to as many veterans and service members as possible. All of the quilts made for Quilts of Valor are made by volunteers who give their time and resources to give back to those that sacrificed so much for our country. 

To date, they have awarded quilts to 343,365 veterans and show no signs of slowing down. This foundation is impacting hundreds of thousands of lives with its generosity and kindness.

Can Any Veteran Receive a Quilt of Valor? 

The Quilts of Valor’s website states that all active duty, retired, or honorably discharged veterans are eligible for a Quilt of Valor award. The military branches include the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard (Army and Air Forces divisions.) They do not award quilts to veterans who have passed away. 

What Are The Standards for a Quilt of Valor?

The QOV Foundation continues to have high standards for any quilt with the name of a “quilt of valor.” You must follow the criteria to award a quilt to a veteran through this organization.

  • The quilt must consist of three layers: quilt top, batting, and backing.
  • You must use quilting quality fabric: 100% cotton and the materials should be age appropriate (no juvenile fabrics) for the quilt top and backing.
  • The backing sent with the quilt top to the Longarm quilter needs to be 8” wider and 8” longer than the quilt top. 
  • Use low-loft batting.
  • Patriotic colors aren’t required for Quilt of Valor fabrics, though most recipients prefer red, white, and blue fabrics. 
  • Use double-folded binding for long-lasting results.
  • The recommended finished size is 60” x 80”, but it may be anywhere between 55” x 65” through 72” x 90”.
  • You must label the quilt with the following information:
    • Quilt of Valor label
    • Quilt piecer, quilter, and binder.
    • Recipient’s name plus the location and date of the award given
    • Religious or political statements are not allowed.
  • Wash the quilt so it is soft and clean for the recipient.
  • You may include a presentation pillowcase and thank you note with the quilt.

13 Patriotic Quilts Of Valor Quilt Patterns

Now let’s look at some beautiful examples of quilt patterns you can use to make a quilt of valor. There are several Quilt of Valor free patterns on the QOV Foundation website. 

1. Quilts of Valor Stars & Stripes Forever

This pattern is approved by the QOVF (Quilt of Valor Foundation) and features 14 eight-point stars and red and white stripes in the design.

This pattern will help create a 60” x 76” quilt top. The pattern includes cutting instructions for both the AccuQuilt Go! Set and regular rotary cutting.

2. Hero’s Star

The star block for this quilt is called the “friendship star.” The pattern uses two sizes of this star to create a beautiful design over the quilt top. The finished quilt measures 64” x 82”.

3. Stars a Waving

This beautiful quilt is reminiscent of the American flag and a mountain range. Its simple construction will significantly impact whoever you make it for with its striking angles and stars floating in the sky. The finished quilt measures 60” x 78”.

4. All-Star

This fabulous, traditionally pieced quilt features 12” blocks. This patriotic quilt pattern would be the perfect choice for a QOV donation. The finished quilt measures 74” x 88”.

5. Stars and Stripes Celebration

This charm pack-friendly quilt pattern features several star blocks and several fun borders. The pattern includes four sizes, including a perfect size for a Quilt of Valor project (64” x 80”.) This is a fantastic beginner-friendly quilt project. 

6. Star Spangled Quilt

This gorgeous quilt pattern features a large star in the center with corresponding stripes to represent the stripes of the American flag. The pattern includes two sizes, and you can use one of the sizes for a QOV quilt (72” x 88”.) This quilt looks terrific in this scrappy style.

7. Double Stars and Stripes

This star within a star quilt block is a timeless design that any veteran would love to accept. The entire quilt top uses two blocks, making this a wonderful beginner quilt project. The finished quilt measures 66” x 72”.

8. Valor Quilt

Here is a beautiful quilt pattern that would be an excellent choice. This pattern features a fun star block and Irish chain design. The finished quilt will measure 64” x 76”.

9. 4th of July

One look at this quilt pattern and you know it is meant to look patriotic. The throw/twin size, 60” x 72”, is ideal for a quilt of valor. This quilt is quick, easy to make, and an excellent choice for beginners.

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10. Standing Strong

This is an official Quilt of Valor pattern and an excellent beginner quilt project. The finished quilt size is 59 ½” x 73 ½”. The quilt top comprises strips of red, white, and blue fabrics.

11. Stars and Snowballs

This quilt pattern uses three different star quilt blocks and a fun curved block to create this beautiful design. It includes instructions for using the AccuQuilt cutting system or rotary cutting. The finished quilt measures 60” x 72”.

12. Let Freedom Ring

How fun is this sampler quilt? Each row has a different theme, and this would make such a fun QOV award. The finished quilt measures 64” x 82”.

13. Freedom Quilt

This quilt design looks like waving flags and fireworks. That’s a genius design choice! The finished quilt measures 66” square and is a gorgeous modern patriotic quilt. 

Ideas for Awarding a Quilt of Valor

When you are awarding a service member or veteran with a quilt of valor, you are presenting them with a civilian award. This means it should be a serious and thought-out gathering, not just a “handoff.” 

Here are a few different ways you could make this occasion memorable.

  • Award them with the quilt at a military members’ reunion.
  • Host a benefit in their honor.
  • Gather the people they would want to be there for such a special moment and host a small family and friends gathering. 
  • If your quilt guild makes quilts for several veterans, host a community party in their honor. 

The QOV Foundation does not allow quilts to be presented on Memorial Day, birthdays, or at surprise parties out of respect to the service members and veterans. 

We hope you now better understand the Quilts of Valor Foundation and what they stand for. If you are inclined to create a quilt for a veteran, you can visit the QOVF website and see if an associate of the foundation is in your area.