Don’t You Love A Quilted Bag? 27 Quilted Tote Bag Patterns You Can’t Miss

As a quilter, you are continually thinking, “What else can I make using my quilting skills?” I know I do! 

Being a quilter is a way of life for many of us, and once we figure out the basic skills of quilting, we’re ready to take on all kinds of projects. 

Today, we’ll focus on quilted tote bags because who doesn’t need just one more tote bag to carry the necessities? 

We’ve gathered an exciting assortment of tote bag patterns for you to check out, so let’s dive in.

How To Make Quilted Bags

I’ve made my fair share of quilted bags over the years, and no matter what pattern you choose or the style of bag you make, you will probably follow these three simple steps to make it.

I highly recommend you make at least one quilted bag in your sewing journey; it’s so much fun and gratifying to carry around your creation. 

Step 1: Choose the Pattern

When searching for the quilted tote bag pattern you want to use, you need to check the skill level and supplies requirements.

You don’t want to pick a pattern that is too complex for your skill set right now, but on the other hand, you probably want to choose one that isn’t “too easy” either. 

Step 2: Gather the Supplies

Shopping for the perfect fabric for your next DIY bag project is a lot of fun, so enjoy this step. Double-check the supplies requirements before you begin your project. It’s the worst when you’re in the middle of a project and realize you don’t have one of the items you need to finish the bag. 

Step 3: Create the Bag

Follow the pattern or tutorial to make your quilted tote bag, and have fun doing it! Most bag patterns have detailed instructions, photos, and diagrams to help you through each step of the bag construction.

Our patterns below give you plenty of ideas to choose from, and most advise you on the skill level needed.

27 Quilted Bag Patterns You Can’t Miss

Now comes the fun part: checking out a massive selection of bag patterns! We found a good mix of beginner and more advanced designs, so there is something in this collection for everybody.

1. Reversible Riley Tote

Here is a fabulous beginner-friendly tote bag pattern you can make in a few hours. The pattern includes instructions for this tote bag and a matching zipper pouch. The finished tote bag will measure 16 ½”x 18”x 4 ½”. 

2. Winslow Tote

The Winslow tote bag pattern is a quick and easy beginner project. The finished bag measures 12”x 16”x 5”, which is an ideal size for an “everyday” tote bag. The pattern includes straightforward instructions with full-color photos to help with the different steps. 

3. Fleetwood Tote

This beautiful bag includes outside and inside pockets, zipper closures, and a sturdy structure. I recommend having some sewing and bag-making experience before tackling this project. The finished bag measures 16”x 13”x 5”.

4. Jelly Roll Tote

Isn’t this just the sweetest-looking tote bag? This is a beautiful beginner sewing project and can be made quickly. The pattern includes instructions to complete the bag and the cute little flower brooch attachment. This small tote measures 11”x 13”x 2”.

5. Patchwork Tote

Here is an excellent choice for those who like rustic country-style patchwork quilts. This beautiful bag is made from simple squares sewn together to create a patchwork design. The finished bag measures 16”x 13 ½”x 3 ½” and has 28” straps. 

6. Quilted Apple Bottom Bag

Here is a great pattern that teaches you how to make this simple yet sophisticated quilted bag. The instructions show you how to make a quilted panel and turn it into this practical and cute bag.

The finished bag will measure 15”x 12”x 3”. The designer includes YouTube video tutorials to help you throughout the process. 

7. Simple Quilted Tote

If you enjoy the minimalist aesthetic, this is the tote for you. This bag would make a great gym bag or grocery shopping tote. The pattern includes inches and centimeters, and the finished bag measures 42cm x 22cm (16 ½”x 8 ½”.)

8. The “Attitude” Bag

If you need a large tote bag, this pattern will help you make one. The finished bag measures 34”x 18”x 6”. The pattern also includes instructions to create a carryall pouch with your leftover scraps. You can use jellyroll strips or yardage to make this fun tote bag.

9. Anything Goes Tote

If you’re in the mood to learn new techniques, I recommend this adorable tote bag pattern. This pattern shows you how to make fabric tubes that you fill with batting to create this fun textured bag exterior. You also have options to add pockets inside the bag and this fun button closure to the outside.  The finished bag measures 15”x 15”x 8”.

10. The Classic Tote

This modern, eclectic tote bag pattern is from Sprinkles of Sewing. The pattern includes four design options and instructions on how to add removable leather straps. The inside of the bag is lined and has a zipper pocket.

11. Reversible Tote Bag

With this pattern, you can have two bags in one. This reversible bag features pockets inside and outside and sturdy sides so the bag can stand up independently. The finished bag measures 12”x 10”x 5”. 

12. Rail Fence Tote

This pattern features a rail fence quilt block design using thin strips of fabric. The designer used batiks to make this example bag, which gives the bag a beachy vibe. You can use charm packs or scraps to make the small rail fence blocks, and the finished bag measures 13 ½”x 17”x 6”.

13. The Hand-Crafter’s Carryall Basket

This pattern is ideal for those who travel around with fabric, sewing projects, or other crafting hobbies. With this bag, you can carry all the necessities wherever you go. The bag features pockets and an inside divider. The finished bag is 16”x 8”x 10”.

14. Angle Tote

Here is another fun, modern tote bag design that features unique angled strips of fabric for the exterior. This is a tremendous beginner-friendly tote project; you can make it in just a few hours. The finished size of the bag is 18”x 20”x 4”. 

15. The Tulip Tote

This bag pattern was designed to look like a tulip, and the designer did a phenomenal job achieving that. This excellent beginner bag pattern utilizes just a few fabrics, woven handles, and simple quilting. This pattern gives you 30 pages of detailed instructions and photos on making this 16”x 16” bag from start to finish. 

16. The Quilter’s Carryall Tote

This is a carry-all tote bag pattern designed specifically for quilters. This bag features several pockets and inside dividers so you can organize your notions for your next sewing party.

The pattern includes two sizes for the tote and gives detailed instructions on how to make each size. 

17. Krazy Kate Bag

How cute are these tote bags? You can make four tote bags like these using only one jellyroll and this pattern.

The pattern includes two different sizes, as seen in the image above, and the bags are constructed using quilt-as-you-go techniques. You could make these for you and your girlfriends, and you all will have matching bags. 

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18. Large Quilter’s Tote

Here is another fantastic for quilters who need to carry their quilting supplies to different locations. This tote is large enough to hold an 18”x24” cutting mat and other notions. The finished bag measures 27”x 19”x 3 ½” and features oversized pockets on the interior for extra storage. 

19. The Ultimate Carryall

Here is a pattern meant for an intermediate sewist with all the bells and whistles any sewist or quilter would want in a bag. Some of the features of this bag include a small pressing mat area, 18 pockets, zipper enclosures, mesh pockets for utensils, and plenty of storage. The finished bag measures 14”x 11”x 7” when closed.

20. Everyday Zippered Pocket Tote

This tote bag pattern includes several pockets and zippers to keep your things secure while you’re out and about. The top of the tote has a zipper on the large main compartment. This is an excellent choice for a confident beginner, and the finished size of the bag is 18”x 14” x 6”.

21. The Boxy Tote

This beautiful bag can carry the Singer Featherweight sewing machine or any other small sewing machine. If you order this pattern, you will get a paper copy, and a set of metal stays to give the bag structure. The finished bag measures 14”x 12” x 11”.

22. Camden Bag

This gorgeous bag only has three pieces: a large rectangle for the sides of the bag, two handles, and an oval for the bottom.

The pattern includes instructions for three sizes of the Camden bag and easy-to-follow directions for each step. To create this bag, you will use primarily zigzag stitches.

23. The Happy Heart Tote

This pattern includes instructions for this sweet quilted tote bag and matching zipper pouch. These would make a wonderful gift this holiday season. Beginner quilters and sewists will be able to make these with ease. The finished tote measures 16”x 16”.

24. Simple Quilted Tote

This excellent beginner quilted tote bag pattern only uses three fabrics plus batting and interfacing. This straightforward design will help even a brand-new beginner learn valuable techniques they can use for years. The finished measurements of this tote are 17”x 14 ¾”x 3 ½”.

25. Colorful Quilter’s Tote Bag

Here is a fun tote bag with simple straight-line quilting and a traditional quilt block in the center. This pattern will walk you through step-by-step to make this 14”x 14”x 5” tote bag. The instructions include detailed diagrams to help you construct your tote in a few hours. 

26. The Louisa Bag

The Louisa Bag is a beautiful bag pattern for a confident beginner. The exterior design was inspired by subway tile and is an excellent opportunity to show off some of the beautiful fabrics you’ve been saving for a project like this one. The finished tote will measure 11”x 14”x 4”.

27. Quilt-As-You-Go Shopper Tote

Here is an excellent beginner quilt-as-you-go tote bag pattern that features strips of fabric. Kids will love this bag, especially if you use bright, fun fabrics like the designer of this sample bag did.

The top of the bag has a zipper to secure your things when you travel. The finished bag measures 17 ½”x 18”x 5”.

We hope you enjoyed these patterns for totes and feel inspired and motivated to try one of them. Tote bags are a universally used accessory, and you can get several different uses. What you can make with just a little fabric, thread, and creativity is truly amazing. Happy Sewing!

If you're tired of making quilting pieces like blankets, sheets, and pillow cases, why not make a bag next time? Here are some quilted tote bag patterns you can try.

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