The 5 Best Sewing Tables for 2020

There comes a time in every new quilters' life where they need to make the transition from the kitchen table to a quilting table.

Aside from the fact that the kitchen table will never do a good job containing all our sewing supplies, it does not provide comfortable support for our bodies.

.Long periods of sewing at the kitchen table inevitably lead to sore neck and shoulder muscles. The best solution for successful quilting with storage solutions and ergonomic comfort would be a sewing or quilting table or sewing cabinet.

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Here are 5 of The Best Sewing Tables for 2020

1. Sauder Sewing Craft Cart

This sewing cabinet by Sauder has several features beneficial for quilting. The cabinet has storage for iron, books, patterns, and rulers.

The trays on the left can hold rotary cutters, scissors, thread, and other quilting notions.

The drop leaf extension provides an extra workspace and makes an excellent surface to utilize a rotary mat or iron pad.

The machine stores inside the cabinet which will protect it and keep the sewing area clutter free. The caster wheels allow the cabinet to move easily for cleaning.

2. Kangaroo Kabinets K8611 Aussie Sewing Cabinet

If space is not an issue in your sewing room, then consider this Kangaroo Sewing Cabinet.

It features several storage compartments as well as two extension areas for rotary cutting and ironing. The lift system moves the sewing machine to the top surface for sewing and back down for storage.

With several lift positions, the machine is at the correct height for ergonomic comfort. Several drawers will help store notions, rulers, and scissors.

When sewing is complete, the machine can be lowered down into the cabinet for protection and quick clean up.

3. Arrow Cabinet 98701

For quilters that have a combination sewing/embroidery machine, this cabinet from Arrow features a hydraulic lift built to raise and lower heavier machines.

The quilt leaf added to the back of the table will allow quilters to rest their quilt across a larger surface area. This will prevent the quilt from hanging heavily off the edge of the table while trying to sew.

The extension leaf to the right provides a nice ironing area, while the one on the left can be used for rotary cutting.

The thread trays will hold thread, scissors, and a rotary cutter.

4. South Shore 10544 Sewing Craft Table

This sewing cabinet works well for quilters that do not have a lot of room for a large cabinet.

The compact design that has a side drawer slide out to store the machine when it is not being used. This additional small surface would also work well for ironing.

The top left drawer acts as a thread storage unit with built-in pegs for quick thread access.

The left side drawers will store patterns, notions, rulers and other quilt accessories. The surface area to the right of the machine would work well for rotary cutting.

Quilters with small work areas will also enjoy this cabinet.

5. Arrow Sewing Cabinets 901 Auntie Em

Although compact, the Auntie Em sewing cabinet features an airlift system, four storage drawers, and two fold-out leaves.

The airlift system allows the machine to lower inside the cabinet, become flush with the top, or raise above the work surface for free arm sewing.

The left extension leaf provides a place to use the rotary cutter and mat, while the right extension can hold the iron.

The four drawers can store, thread, rotary cutter, scissors and other quilting notions.

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Having a comfortable work area is essential.

When you sit at the machine, your body should align with the needle bar area, with your hands in a straight line with your wrists and forearms.

Most sewing machines do not have enough light in the throat plate area. Consider buying a lamp that will stand close enough to the sewing area. LED bulbs are cool and are cost effective over the long run.

A padded chair with excellent lumbar support will help prevent stress on joints. A chair that raises and lowers will help keep you aligned with the height of the machine. Your knees should sit slightly lower than your hips when sewing. When sewing, be sure to keep your shoulders down and back. Try not to hunch your shoulders and get up and often walk to relieve stress.

There are several quality sewing machine cabinets available to accommodate large and small sewing areas.

Consider buying the biggest cabinet you can fit into your work area because you will fill it quickly with your notions, books, and cutting supplies.

If your machine does not sit flush at the surface of the table, be sure to raise your chair to work comfortably.

Have good lighting covering your entire work surface and be sure to sit ergonomically correct.

Last but not least, enjoy making beautiful quilts.

Which of these quilting tables do you own? Do you have a favorite quilting table suggestion?

Struggling to find for the best sewing tables for your next quilt? We've done the research in this post. Here we listed out for you the best sewing tables for 2020.

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