17 Stunning Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns You Must Try

If you asked people where they think a quilt should go, most would say, “On a bed,” or maybe, “In a grandma’s house.”

Most folks don’t think about quilts being anywhere except on a bed to keep you warm during those cold winter months.

But have you considered all the other places you can find quilts or quilted items?

Today, fellow quilters, I’m sharing another excellent way to show off your quilting creativity — without having to make a massive, king-sized quilt.

The perfect way to “show off” your craft is with a wall quilt!

What Is a Wall Quilt?

Sounds kind of silly, right? Why would I need a quilt on my wall? 

Well, wall quilts aren’t meant to keep your walls warm.

Instead, they are works of art and expressions of your creativity. 

You can create multiple mini quilts to display all over your home or give as unique gifts for friends and family.

Think about it, do you have a few blocks you would LOVE to make but don’t want to make an entire quilt around them?

Or maybe you’ve searched for that perfect home decor item for above your mantle but can’t seem to find something that is totally “you.”

With a wall quilt, you can create exactly the piece you want while expanding your quilting skills. If you search online, there are roughly a gazillion wall quilt patterns available. 

I’ve curated 17 wall-hanging quilt patterns that you are sure to love and can’t wait to try. I know I definitely do.

17 Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns to Try

I hope these patterns will show you just how creative and versatile a wall-hanging quilt pattern can be. You can make them for literally any room of your house for any occasion!

1. How Does Your Garden Grow?

How does your garden grow wall pattern

How fun are these 3D leaves and flowers? This wall hanging is a great example of a vertical wall quilt pattern. The finished quilt will be 12”x24”.

2. Vintage Spools

vintage spools wall pattern

Aren’t these spools just darling? If you look closely, the spools are made up of selvage pieces which is a great way to use up small scraps. The finished size: 30”x35”.

3. Tulip Time

tulip time wall pattern

This one is a beautiful pattern for Spring, don’t you think? This simple design would be a great beginner project (especially if an entire bed-sized quilt seems a bit daunting). This pattern includes a free tutorial, and the final project will measure 23 ½”x28 ½”.

4. Comet Kin Mini Quilt 

Comet Kin Mini Quilt wall pattern

This gorgeous modern pattern would look lovely in any room of your home or office. The pattern is free and would be a great beginner piece, especially if you have an eye for modern design. The finished quilt hanging is 14”x28”.

5. Merry Wreath Mini Quilt

Merry wreath mini quilt wall pattern

Bring a little Christmas cheer to your home with this adorable wreath pattern. Extremely beginner-friendly, the entire quilt is comprised of half-square triangles (HST) and squares. The finished quilt will be 20”x22”.

6. Prickly Pots

prickly pots

Isn’t this applique design gorgeous? This pattern includes everything you need to create these beautiful cacti and succulent plants for wall art. The finished mini quilt measures 32 ½”x 13 ¾”. 

7. Country Flowers

country flowers wall quilt pattern

This fun riff on the pinwheel block is another great option for you, whether you are a beginner quilter or a seasoned pro. The finished quilt will be a 26” square.

8. Kitty Craft

kitty craft

This mini quilt features equal parts kitties and craft supplies, creating an adorable and whimsical design. The finished wall hanging will measure 30”x40”. The pattern is a 37-page detailed outline with written instructions, diagrams, and templates to help you to create this mini-masterpiece. 

9. Tuscan Hillside Landscape

Tuscan hillside landscape quilt pattern

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it. It feels so calm and serene and genuinely looks like a piece of art. The final quilt will measure 9”x20”.

10. A Pineapple Welcome 

pineapple welcome quilt pattern

How cute would this be in your kitchen, nursery, or older kid’s room? These adorable pineapples are on trend right now and look great as a quilt block. The finished wall quilt will be 32”x18”.

11. Mini Happy Flower

mini happy flower quilt pattern

I think this would look precious in a nursery or little one’s bedroom. This pattern will make a large 31 ½”x36” wall hanging quilt.

12. Tessellating Autumn Leaves

Tessellating Autumn Leaves quilt pattern

Ready to celebrate Autumn? A great thing about this and most of the patterns in this list is you can make these into wall quilts OR table runners (or both!). The finished quilt will be a 20” square.

13. Be Mine Valentine

Be Mine Valentine wall quilt pattern

The Be Mine Valentine pattern is the answer to that question, “How exactly should I decorate for Valentine’s Day?” The finished wall quilt will be a 27” square.

14. Kitty Love

Kitty Love wall quilt pattern

If you or your family love cats, wouldn’t this make a great addition to your decor? The Kitty Love pattern will help you create a 31” square, perfect for a large wall.

15. Tinsel Tree

Tinsel Tree wall quilt pattern

This pattern gives you directions to create either a wall hanging quilt: 28”x35” or a throw quilt: 70”x73”. It’s a great option if you need some ideas for Christmas decor.

16. Star Crossed Love

Star Crossed Love wall quilt pattern

Beginner-friendly and a quick project, this pattern would be a lovely choice for your home or a housewarming gift. You could easily change out the color options to fit your personal style. The final size is 28” square.

17. The Best Gift Mini Quilt 

The Best Gift Mini Quilt pattern

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and this mini wall quilt would make a spectacular centerpiece to your Christmas decor. Final quilt size: 24”x27 ½”.

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Let’s Make a Quilted Wall Hanging!

The versatility of using wall quilts for decor is inspiring to me, and I hope some of that excitement has rubbed off on you! Before driving down to your favorite home decor store, maybe now you’ll consider creating your own wall art.

This list was just a sampling of what you can accomplish with some fabric and thread and a little imagination. 

I hope you have lots of fun planning your next (or first) wall quilt with these endless possibilities.

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