The 23 Most Stunning and Stylish Black and White Quilt Patterns

Are you looking for a chic and timeless quilt pattern for your next quilting project? 

Have you ever considered creating a black-and-white quilt? 

This style of quilt pattern might just be the perfect fit for you. 

Black and white quilt patterns are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants an eye-catching quilt to show off to their friends and family. 

Let’s check out some breathtaking modern black-and-white quilt patterns for you to consider. 

Why You Should Create a Black and White Quilt

At first, you might think that a black and white quilt might be a little boring or too simple, but once you see the examples below, you will see just how incredible and versatile this quilt style can be. 

Here are a few reasons to consider making a black-and-white quilt for your home.

  • They stand out from the crowd.
  • Black and white is a classic combo that looks amazing in any design style.
  • It will look great in your home all year long.
  • Many have a relatively simple design and are quick to make.
  • They make great gifts!

How to Choose Black and White Quilt Fabric

There are a few different paths you can take when choosing fabric for a black-and-white quilt. You can go with using only solid fabrics.

This will give you a clean, modern look for your quilt. 

If you decide to use patterned fabrics, you have a couple of choices. First, you could use low-volume prints that are subtle and small designs like delicate flowers or polka dots.

On the other hand, if you want something bold, choose fabrics with large prints to draw the eye to those specific prints. 

Since you are using only black and white, you really can’t go wrong with your fabric selection. Just make sure that your blacks all match and your whites all match.

You probably don’t want a random greyish-black or creamy-white in the mix. 

Black and White Quilt Pattern: 23 Stunning Designs You Can Try 

Now, let’s look at a gorgeous collection of easy black and white quilt patterns. Most of these patterns are excellent for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. 

1. Houndstooth Quilt Pattern

The houndstooth pattern is a classic textile design that has been around for centuries, and it makes a beautiful modern quilt pattern. This is a free tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make this simple black-and-white quilt. The tutorial will show you how to make a 51” x 63” quilt top, but you could easily make a larger version by making more blocks. 

2. Scandinavian Snowflake

This beautiful snowflake quilt top is immediately elevated to a more modern look by making it with only black and white fabrics. This is a lovely beginner quilt pattern that uses only squares and rectangles for the construction. The finished quilt measures 53” square, and you could make it larger by adding borders.

3. Black Tie Affair

This quilt is the perfect example of using scrappy-style prints but keeping in the black-and-white color family. Using bold, solid black sashing helps the different blocks “pop!” on the quilt top. There are four size options in this layer cake-friendly quilt pattern.

4. Study

This black-and-white square pattern is perfect for the modern quilter. This quilt would look fabulous as a bedspread or a statement piece hanging on a wall. The pattern shows you how to make this quilt for a twin, queen, or king-size bed. 

5. Magnolia

This modern farmhouse quilt pattern is stunning, and the maker only used two fabrics for the entire quilt top! The pattern includes five size options. This pattern looks gorgeous in solid fabrics or using scraps for a more scrappy look.

6. Colorado Stars

This beginner-friendly quilt pattern features square in a square blocks and solid squares, which create this beautiful star design. This is a quick and easy quilt pattern that will be fun for all skill levels. The pattern includes four size choices. 

7. Lochlyn Quilt Pattern

This simple yet classic design features thin black strips over a pure white background. You could also switch the two colors for another timeless quilt design. The finished quilt measures 63 ½” x 63 ½”.

8. Easy on the Square

If this is your first time making a quilt, this quilt pattern is an excellent choice. You will piece the blocks using a center square and four rectangles for the border pieces. The finished quilt measures 60” x 70”.

9. Simply Dashing

This unique, modern quilt pattern has varying strip widths that create an optical illusion and almost look like thatchwork. You can make this using solids like the example quilt, or to add more visual interest, you can use black and white prints. There are five size options written in this pattern. 

10. Winter Walk

This quilt pattern is equal parts timeless and modern, combining the double star blocks and modern “X” blocks. It looks pretty striking hanging on this wooden fence. The finished size is 54 ½” square.

11. Getaway

If you want a BOLD modern quilt pattern, this is it! This pattern by “Lo and Behold Stitchery” features wide geometric stripes that cover the quilt top. The design has three variations, making these three patterns in one! There are also five sizes to choose from, so you have many options.

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12. Piano Keys

Do you know someone who loves the piano? This quilt pattern is a giant version of piano keys and would make the perfect gift for a music lover. The pattern is available in a queen size, which measures 90” x 102”.

13. Monochromality

This pattern technically also features grey, but come on, I had to include it! This funky, monochrome quilt pattern features a drunkard’s path and square in a square blocks to make a fun illusion. The finished quilt measures 56” x 74”.

14. Vertigo

Here is a fabulous modern baby quilt with half square triangles for the overall design. You could easily make this quilt over the weekend, which makes it a fun and quick project. The finished quilt measures 36” square.

15. Scrappy Swiss Cross

Here is another excellent example of a scrappy-style black and white quilt. The “cross” blocks use squares, making this a great beginner quilter project. The pattern includes three sizes to choose from.

16. Simply Stunning

This quilt top features just three fabrics, but with the quilting and the way the blocks intertwine, it looks like the maker used several fabrics. This illusion is a feast for the eyes but is surprisingly simple to piece together. You will have four quilt size options.

17. Corey

The designer of this pattern was inspired by roads and paths when designing this modern quilt pattern. If you look closely, each block is identical. They are simply rotated to create a playful design. The completed quilt measures 50” x 60”.

18. Pine Sky

Wow, talk about a showstopper! This beautiful modern quilt pattern is pieced using traditional piecing methods, and the use of negative space gives the illusion of a large eight-point star in the center. There are three size choices written in the pattern.

19. Use Your Illusion

Here is a fabulous paper piecing pattern that features thin black strips on a bright white background. The placement of the different blocks creates a cool, modern design that will look beautiful in any home. The pattern includes layouts for a baby and a lap quilt. 

20. Giant Star Quilt

This beautiful star is made by creating large half-square triangles out of fat quarters and arranging them to create a large eight-point star for the centerpiece of the quilt. What a fantastic and quick project! The finished quilt measures 74 ½” x 74 ½”.

21. Scrappy Starship

How cute are these wonky star quilt blocks? This quilt fits the definition of a scrappy quilt, and it’s a fantastic way to use up all of your white and black fabric scraps from previous projects. This fat quarter-friendly pattern includes three sizes to choose from. 

22. Bats!

This adorably spooky quilt pattern has bats flying all over the quilt top. The bat blocks are pieced using traditional methods, so don’t be intimidated by the different angles. You can do it! The finished quilt measures 54” x 69”.

23. Perfectly Plaid

This quilt top looks SO cozy. This is the perfect beginner quilt pattern that uses large and small squares and rectangles to create a timeless plaid design. The pattern includes two throw size options: 52” square or 70” square. 

I hope this collection of black and white quilt patterns has inspired you to think outside the colorful blocks and go from something a little more monochrome. These patterns are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can create with black and white fabric and a little imagination. 

Opting for black and white quilt patterns is an excellent choice for those looking for a  striking quilt. See some patterns here.