17 Exquisite Amish Quilt Patterns You’ll Treasure

You probably know two facts if you have ever heard of the Amish community.

The men are excellent woodworkers, and the women are fantastic quilters.

They take their skills seriously and have created timeless masterpieces for over 150 years. 

We will look into the history surrounding Amish quilts, answer your burning questions about Amish quilt patterns, and show you 17 beautiful examples of Amish quilts. 

What Is a Traditional Amish Quilt? 

Traditional Amish quilts are characterized by their simple design and solid colors. It is rare for a traditional Amish quilt to have patterned fabric or bright, vibrant colors. 

Nowadays, the Amish may use some patterned fabrics, but they will still be a simple “country” print. They use different Amish quilt block patterns and intricate quilting designs done either by hand or machine (treadle sewing machine, not electric.)

Like many communities, the Amish started quilting out of necessity in the late 1800s. Still, as the community began opening its doors to the English (regular, non-Amish people), they realized they could create and sell their quilts and simple Amish quilt patterns. 

The quilts made by the Amish women vary by community and sect, but they always use traditional quilt patterns for their inspiration. Let’s go over the four most popular Amish quilt patterns that you will see.

  • Log Cabin: The log cabin block is an easy beginner block that looks more complex than it is. You start with a center square and add strips of fabric to create a larger square. This block gained popularity around the time of the Civil War.
  • Double Wedding Ring: The double wedding ring quilt pattern has been a popular design for weddings and other special occasions since the rings symbolize love and unity. These are common in Amish communities since marriage is a big part of Amish women’s lives.
  • Star of Bethlehem: Arguably the most popular quilt pattern in Amish quilting, the Star of Bethlehem is a sizeable eight-point star centered on a quilt top. It is also known as the Lone Star and is made by sewing small diamond blocks together. 
  • Sunshine and Shadow: Also known as Trip Around the World, Sunshine and Shadow is another simple quilt pattern widespread in the Amish community. It starts with a center square, and layers of color radiate from the center to make a beautiful mosaic design. 

17 Exquisite Amish Quilt Patterns 

Now that we know a little history of Amish quilting and the community’s popular patterns, let’s look at some examples of Amish quilts. Remember that these examples were made entirely by hand or with machines that are not run on electricity. They are indeed a labor of love. 

1. Irish Chain Amish Quilt

Irish Chain Amish Quilt

This beautiful quilt’s designer used squares and diamonds to create an Irish chain pattern with eight-point stars in the “blank space.”

Notice the quilt was made using different shades of brown and quilted using both straight line quilting and a wave design on the outside border. This quilt is king-size, measuring 100”x109”.

2. 16 Patch Amish Quilt

16 Patch Amish Quilt

Wow, the quilting on this quilt is just as beautiful as the pieced quilt top! This quilt uses a 16-patch quilt block with QST (quarter square triangle) points, making a star shape. The colors used in this quilt are unique since many Amish quilts are usually darker with less color. 

3. Broken Star Amish Quilt

Broken Star Amish Quilt

This is the perfect example of a Star of Bethlehem quilt made by Amish hands. Using a dark background is common in Amish quilts, and this quilt is intricately quilted to create dimension all over the quilt. The star and inside border feature diamond blocks, and everything else is solid black or blue. 

4. Sunshine and Shadow Amish Quilt

Sunshine and Shadow Amish Quilt

This Amish quilt was made in Lancaster, PA, which is a location of a large Amish community. This quilt is a lovely example of the Sunshine and Shadow quilt pattern. Itis one of the best beginner Amish quilt patterns since it uses one size square for the entire quilt top.

5. Classic Double Wedding Ring Amish Quilt

. Classic Double Wedding Ring Amish Quilt

Here is a traditional Double Wedding Ring quilt using a scrappy style of ring and beautiful flower quilting in the center of each ring. The flowers were hand-stitched, and the edges were all scalloped and hand-bound. This quilt is a feast for the eyes, don’t you think? 

6. Giant Dahlia Amish Quilt

Giant Dahlia Amish Quilt

Here we have a unique Dahlia flower design as the centerpiece. Notice the edges are scalloped and bound with dark fabric to make the scalloped edges pop! This is a king-size quilt lying on a queen-size bed. 

7. 9-Patch Calico Amish Quilt

9-Patch Calico Amish Quilt

This quilt is entirely hand-quilted, and it looks incredible. The time and effort that goes into hand quilting such a large quilt are impressive, and the maker of this quilt did a fantastic job.

As you can see, the pattern used is quite simple, but the execution makes the quilt outstanding. The finished quilt measures 96”x110”. 

8. Wedding Star Amish Quilt

Wedding Star Amish Quilt

Here we have another double wedding ring quilt design but with a twist. This is called a Wedding Star quilt pattern, and it is more complex than the average Amish quilt pattern choice. The maker also used more vibrant colors for this quilt. The quilt measure 105”x115”.

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9. Bargello Heart Amish Quilt

Bargello Heart Amish Quilt

The bargello heart quilt pattern is similar to the sunshine and shadows pattern in that it starts in the center of the quilt, and the colors radiate out, creating a lovely heart design.

It is another quilt pattern that looks more complicated than it is. This would be a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift.

10. Log Cabin Amish Quilt

Log Cabin Amish Quilt

It may look like a lot, but they are all constructed the same way if you look closely at each block. To create this ripple design, you would simply rotate the different blocks so the light colors line up with the other light colors. The log cabin quilt pattern is probably the most recognizable Amish favorite for quilt patterns. 

11. Antique Woolen Amish Quilt

Antique Woolen Amish Quilt

Here is an exceptional example of a vintage Amish quilt. The designer used solid, darker colors with a simple quilt pattern to make this timeless treasure.

The Amish used to use a lot of wool for their quilts because they would weave their fabrics from wool. This takes handmade to a whole new level.

12. Log Cabin Broken Star Amish Quilt

Log Cabin Broken Star Amish Quilt

Here we have a combination of a log cabin and a star of Bethlehem pattern. Gorgeous, right? I am always impressed with how beautiful the hand quilting is on Amish quilts. Their quilting elevates the entire quilt design, and this quilt is just another exhibition of that. 

13. Sunshine and Shadows Amish Quilt

Sunshine and Shadows Amish Quilt

Another classic Amish quilt uses a dark, solid color palette and simple scalloped hand quilting for the borders. The colorful border is made using HST (half-square triangle blocks) and adds a finished look to the centerpiece of the quilt. 

14. Star Dahlia Amish Quilt

Star Dahlia Amish Quilt

Okay, these star dahlia blocks are GORGEOUS! As far as I can tell, these blocks are made by piecing a simple 8-point star and then appliqueing the dahlia flower on top. The hand quilting on this quilt adds a delicate feel to the quilt. 

15. Medallion Amish Quilt

 Medallion Amish Quilt

Here is a quilt pattern I’ve never seen before. It is a much more modern quilt pattern than you would expect from an Amish quilter but still uses typical Amish quilt colors. The maker used the same size square for the entire quilt top, so this is a beginner-friendly design. The quilt measures 104”x115”.

16. Lone Star with Applique Amish Quilt

Lone Star with Applique Amish Quilt

Diamond-shaped blocks make up the center lone star and starburst effect in coordinating colors. The designer chose to fill the blank space with adorable floral applique pieces to give this quilt an added layer of femininity.

She then hand-quilted the quilt using simple straight lines to allow the quilt pattern to shine. 

17. Bride in the Commons Amish Quilt

17. Bride in the Commons Amish Quilt

A breath-taking quilt combines a simple sunshine and shadows pattern with an intricate applique centerpiece. These beautiful botanical applique pieces have been hand-stitched into place and look amazing against that bright white background.

The maker’s attention to detail is notable in this quilt, and like #16, they used straight line quilting to hold the layers of the quilt in place. 

FAQs About Amish Quilting

Before we wrap this up, let’s go over a few FAQs about Amish quilts. If you’ve ever looked into Amish quilts, you’ve probably asked yourself at least one of these questions.

How do you make an Amish quilt?

Technically, if you are not Amish, you can’t make an Amish quilt. However, you can use the same color palette, quilt patterns, and sewing skills to create a handmade quilt that resembles an Amish quilt perfectly.

How should you display an Amish Quilt?

If you want to display an Amish quilt, here are a few options to consider.

  • Hang it on a quilt rack.
  • Hang it on a wall.
  • Use it as a bed covering.
  • Fold it neatly and place it in a glass case.

I would recommend not having the quilt in direct sunlight. The sunlight can fade the color, which is less than ideal. Especially if you have the quilt folded, you will end up with unevenly faded strips all over the quilt. 

How much does a handmade Amish quilt cost?

The cost of an Amish quilt will vary significantly depending on the complexity of the quilt design, the size of the quilt, and what the seller charges. Here is a range for a queen-size Amish quilt: $650-$1,200. 

If you do want to purchase an Amish quilt, I would recommend going to an Amish community in person and pick out a quilt. This way, you can see the quilt and know you are getting a genuinely Amish quilt. If you can’t go in person, find a seller that has many good reviews and can verify they are selling genuine Amish quilts. 

How can you tell if a quilt is Amish?

If you are purchasing a quilt from an Amish community, you would be able to tell it is Amish-made. However, if you are shopping online, here are a few tips to know if an Amish person makes it. 

  • Is it hand quilted? Most Amish quilters will hand quilt all of their quilts.
  • Check to see if the seller has many good reviews and if other buyers can confirm they are genuine Amish quilts.
  • Most Amish quilters will embroider their initials on the back right corner of the quilts they create with thick wool yarn.
  • Look at the colors and quilt pattern. The quilt should have a more neutral color palette and a reasonably simple quilt pattern. 

We hope this has been informative and helpful for you, whether you want inspiration to create your Amish-style quilt or if you are hunting for your Amish quilt.

The women who make these quilts are masters of their craft and can turn even the most simple quilt pattern into a beautiful, timeless art piece with their attention to detail and creativity.

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