21 Autumn and Halloween Quilt Patterns Without Any Tricks But All the Treats

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start making spooky and festive Halloween quilts. 

There are so many possibilities when decorating your home with Halloween quilt projects, and we will explore a bunch of them today!

Whether you go “all out” with your Halloween decor or prefer to have just a few spooky pieces, you will surely find something ghoulishly perfect in the collection of Halloween quilt pattern ideas. 

21 Halloween Quilt Patterns for Your Seasonal Decor

Most of these will be beginner-friendly quilt patterns that you can make for your home decor or your friends and family.

Some fun free options are also sprinkled in there, so keep a lookout!

1. Free Spiderweb Quilt

Can you believe this is a free quilt pattern? The maker gives step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow images of each step to create this unique spiderweb quilt. The quilt measures about 36” across and would look great as a  wall hanging or draped across a chair. You need specialty rulers to create the perfect curves on the spider’s web. 

2. Quiltoweenie

This simple quilt pattern uses charm pack squares (5” squares) and sashing. The great part about a pattern like this is you can use it for all kinds of quilt projects, not just a spooky Halloween quilt. This is a fantastic option for a first-time quilter.

3. Bats Quilt Pattern

These bat quilt blocks are equal parts adorable and spooky. This pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew is a modern Halloween quilt pattern that features bats that look like they’re ready to fly off the quilt top. The finished quilt measures 54” x 69”. 

4. Boo Crew Mystery Halloween Quilt

This charming yet spooky Halloween quilt pattern is free from the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog. This mini quilt features six different quilt blocks: a witch’s hat, a candle, a ghost, a witch’s broom, a cauldron, and an adorable black cat. The finished quilt measures 33 ½” x 35 ½” and makes a fabulous wall-hanging quilt. 

5. Free Pumpkin Quilt Pattern

A beautiful, classic pumpkin table runner pattern features two pumpkin block sizes. The pattern also includes a simple gingham pattern in the corners of the table runner. The finished table runner measures 39 ½” x 17”.

6. Boo! Mini Quilt Pattern

Here, we have another fabulous free mini quilt pattern you can make quickly in just a few hours. You can use this mini quilt as a wall-hanging table runner or use it in a larger quilt design. The finished piece measures 10” x 21”. This mini quilt adds an instant Halloween vibe to any room. 

7. The Quilted Witch

How fun is this witchy quilt pattern?  This unique pattern includes a playful witch on her broom, a cat, and several traditional quilt blocks sprinkled across the quilt top. Lori Holt (the designer of this pattern) hit this design out of the park, and it is the perfect quilt for any witchy quilter! The finished quilt measures 76 ½” x 89 ½”.

8. Ghost Party!

This ghost quilt pattern has been all over Instagram for good reason. Look how adorable those little ghosts are! This is a fabulous beginner-friendly quilt pattern that features three different ghost blocks. The finished quilt will measure 60” x 72”. 

9. Hocus Pocus Pumpkins

This pumpkin quilt pattern is a great way to use layer cake squares (10” squares.) The entire quilt top is pieced using traditional piecing methods and is beginner-friendly. Your finished quilt will measure 52” x 65 ½”.

10. Spooky Shelfie Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern epitomizes what a spooky Halloween quilt should look like. I love the use of horizontal strips to make the items look like they’re sitting on a bookshelf. This is a fat quarter-friendly quilt pattern, and the finished quilt is a throw size. 

11. Bewitched Quilt Pattern

Looking closely, you can see the witch hats are pieced using traditional block piecing methods, even the buckle! This beginner-friendly pattern will help you create a 61” x 61 ¾” quilt top. You only need nine fat quarters for the hats and buckle. You will also need a couple more fat quarters for the star blocks and 3 ¾ yards for the background fabric. 

12. Cheeky Ghost

Have you ever seen a cuter ghost? This pattern by Ritual Quilt Company features a shocked ghost with two eight-point stars on his cheeks. The finished quilt measures 39” x 51”, the perfect size for a snuggle quilt for a child. Plus, they’ll love the cute little ghost!

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13. Mod Halloween

This Halloween-themed quilt pattern combines mod cats with patchwork pumpkins to create a unique design. The cats are added to the blocks using applique techniques. The finished quilt measures 74” square. 

14. Spellbound Quilt Pattern

This quilt is set up in rows, and each row has a different block that you get to make. You can mix and match the rows to make your quilt uniquely yours! The finished quilt measures 66 ½” x 72”. 

15. Halloween Boos

Here is a quilt that combines applique and regular block piecing to create a fun, playful Halloween scene. This would be a great introduction to applique since the pieces are relatively large and easy to cut. The finished quilt measures 50” x 65”.

16. Spooky Sampler

Here is a super fun sampler quilt that is Halloween-themed. You can make spiders, pumpkins, ghosts, witch hats, brooms, bats, plus other fun quilt blocks. This quilt would be a lot of fun to make with someone else who loves quilting. When your quilt is complete, it will measure 48” x 68”.

17. Pumpkin Run Table Runner

“Pumpkin Run” is a gorgeous Halloween table runner quilt pattern with cute little pumpkins in the center of a star quilt block. This would be a fun weekend project, and you can use it for a table runner or a wall hanging. The finished piece measures 34 ½” x 12 ½”.

18. Pumpkin Charm

To make this 36” x 38 ½” quilt top, you only need one charm pack plus yardage for the background, border, binding, and backing. This quaint quilt pattern would make an excellent first quilt project, and it will come together quickly. You could easily make a larger quilt by adding more blocks to the existing pattern. 

19. Just a Little Wicked

“Just a Little Wicked” is a mini quilt pattern with a unique potion bottle, snake, witch’s hat, and spider design. Most of the pieces of this quilt are added using applique, which you can embellish with decorative stitches either by hand or with your sewing machine. The finished quilt measures 12” x 15”.

20. Boo! A Halloween Wall Hanging Pattern

We had to have a quilt with candy corn in this collection, right? This is a fun design that kids and adults will love to look at and enjoy. The pattern includes the templates you will need to create each jack-o-lantern, candy corn, and the “Boo!” motif. Your finished quilt will measure 14 ½” x 21”.

21. Halloween Quilt Sampler

This quilt pattern includes 16 unique quilt blocks that feature all your favorite Halloween characters and creatures. I would recommend this quilt to a confident beginner and up since there are so many different blocks in the design. The finished quilt measures 49” x 49”.

I hope you enjoyed checking out this spooky collection of Halloween quilt ideas. There’s something for everyone in this compilation, and I love seeing the creativity of the different quilt pattern designers for holiday quilts.