7 Of The Best Ironing Board Covers For Quilters

You don’t want to risk scorching your quilt blocks when you iron them.

Although ironing covers and pads might not seem important, their characteristics matter quite a bit for quilters.

You want a surface that allows you to shift fabric easily and keep it smooth and flat.

The best ironing board cover and pad will work in conjunction with your iron to deliver a quick press that does not leave a grated impression from the underlying metal board.

A good cover also prevents scorches and water stains on your lovingly crafted quilt.

What Should You Look for in an Ironing Board Cover?

A cover fabric treatment that resists scorching and disperses moisture will limit problems and improve results.

Some manufacturers apply a silicone coating that delivers high performance as quilters press their blocks.

A good scorch-resistant ironing board cover treatment will speed up the pressing process and reduce the amount of work necessary to achieve perfectly flat seams.

The best cover fabric treatments:

Resist scorching
Can be washed
Reflect heat to improve iron performance
Prevent fabric bunching


The padding for your cover plays an essential role in quilting success. It provides a porous layer where steam can penetrate and disperse instead of being soaked up by your quilt piece.

You’ll also find that a thick pad reduces strain on your hand and wrist while ironing.

As a quilter, you should make thick padding a priority when you purchase an ironing board cover.

Other important features:

Ability to adjust the cover to fit tightly


7 Best Ironing Board Covers for Quilters

1. Extra-Wide Ironing Board Cover Scorch and Stain Resistant Thick Padding and Elasticized Edge

If you’re using an extra-wide ironing board, this cover will fit an 18-inch by 49-inch board.

The cover features nose pockets and fasteners meant to keep it firmly in place while you work. An elastic skirt adds to its stability.

With this cover, you won’t have grated marks appearing on your quilt blocks.

The 6mm-thick, sewn-in pad made from fiber and foam separates your quilting from the metal board enough to prevent it from leaving any impressions in the fabric.

A secure fit and thick pad reduce the effort needed to press quilted pieces. By making ironing easier, the cover increases your safety while working with a hot and steaming iron.

The manufacturer’s two-year, 100% quality assurance guarantee indicates confidence about the cover’s durability.

This cover, however, cannot be put into your washing machine. You can only wipe it clean by hand.

For the price, you get many positive features from this cover. You can choose from nine colors or patterns.

If you like to have options beyond a simple gray cover, then the decorative choices available for this product might please you.

It’s also designed to adjust easily to fit all standard board sizes. An elastic edge enables you to adjust the fit.

Additional hook-and-loop straps across the bottom give you a reliable way to keep the fit tight across the board. Consumer reviews frequently mention the quality of the fit.

The cover’s technical specifications include a desirable silicone-treated work surface.

The silicone focuses the heat back through the fabric against the iron’s surface. This reduces pressing time while delivering consistent results.

The product comes with a no questions asked 10-year guarantee. You may contact the manufacturer directly at any time during this period if you encounter trouble with the cover.

3. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

This is another affordable option with outstanding user reviews. You can adjust it to fit ironing boards between 47 inches and 54 inches in length and between 15 inches and 18 inches in width.

The maker guarantees that the cover won’t slip while you’re using it. Elastic edges along with a drawstring keep the tension strong once you tighten the cover around your board.

The cover features extra-thick padding, which is evident in product photos when compared to other covers.

If you experience any hand and wrist strain when pressing your quilts, you might want to test out this cover because the padding will increase comfort.

When quilting is your primary hobby and you use an iron all of the time, you’re certain to appreciate the extra padding.

However, the product does not mention any specific scorch resistant coating, which could be a concern.

Despite this, most buyers have expressed great satisfaction with the product. It also comes in a choice of three attractive patterns.

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4. Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Whitmor has been making practical products for the home for over 70 years. The low price makes this a good choice for the budget-conscious quilter.

Despite its low price point, the cover offers the basic features needed by a quilter. It achieves a good fit with a heavy-duty elastic cord and a tailored pocket that holds the ironing board securely.

This cover reliably fits standard ironing boards up to 15 inches wide and 54 inches long.

The 100% cotton cover has a stain and scorch-resistant treatment to protect your quilting from unsightly burns.

Although Whitmor claims that the padding is extra thick, user reviews indicate disappointment with complaints about thin padding.

If you can salvage a pad from an old cover, this cover could be a low-cost way to add a scorch-resistant surface.

The manufacturer provides clear contact information if you need help after purchasing. The company says that it stands by this product 100%.

5. SUNKLOOF Scorch Resistance Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Unless you have an extra-wide ironing board, this cover and pad from Sunkloof should meet your quilting needs adequately.

It includes a heat-reflecting treatment on the cotton cover to speed up ironing with the even distribution of heat and steam. Padding appears to be thick enough to improve comfort according to user reviews.

Fitting it securely over a standard board should pose no difficulty. A nose pocket holds the cover in place along with elastic edging.

You can use the optional elastic straps to create a firm hold across the underneath of the whole board.

This product boasts of extra-strong stitching to enhance its durability. For quilters who use their boards frequently, the strong stitching should result in a long lifespan.

Sunkloof has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a two-year warranty.

6. Petask Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Petask designed this cover specifically for people who do a lot of ironing, like quilters.

The cover has three layers. On top, you get silicone-treated cotton. Thick felt forms the middle layer, and a breathable cotton lining allows moisture to dissipate.

The silicone coating lets you get the fastest pressing action from your iron because it ensures the most efficient application of heat.

You won’t have to press each seam on your quilt block for more than a few seconds.

Elastic edging and hook-and-loop straps create a non-slip fit over your board. You can count on it to fit standard ironing boards but not an extra-wide 18 inch one.

7. TIVIT Pro Grip Ironing Board Cover

TIVIT makes this cover in multiple sizes, including the 14 inches by 44 inches size mentioned here.

If you want a precise fit to your board, including extra-wide boards, you should look at the sizes available for this product.

The AlumiTek Pro silicone coating delivers the scorch resistance you need to avoid ruining a quilt block. It also reflects heat and steam to keep it focused on your fabric and speed up seam pressing.

The coating reduces your physical effort because it helps your iron glide smoothly across the surface.

Three adjustable fasteners that reach across the bottom of the board form a strong physical restraint that keeps the cover and pad firmly in place.

Cover meets the European manufacturing standards of safety, and the company offers a full two-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been ironing on a board with only a thin cover, you might not realize how much extra work it has been inflicting on you.

Switching to a padded cover with a heat-reflective, anti-scorching treatment could speed up quilt production and eliminate those frustrating scorches.

Upgrading your cover will save you time and let you focus on your creativity instead of pressing seams.

To pick out the best ironing board cover and pad, choose one that fits your board’s exact size and includes fastening straps so you won’t have to rely solely on elastic edges.

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