There’s No Zig-Zagging About These 23 Chevron Quilt Patterns: You’ll Love Them

If you are looking for a fun, playful quilt pattern for your next project, I recommend checking out the easy chevron quilt pattern ideas I’ve gathered for you in this post.

These patterns are especially great for beginners or for anyone that wants a quick and easy quilt to make. 

Before we look at the 23 examples I’ve curated here, we will examine some FAQs surrounding zig-zag quilt patterns and how you can make one for yourself. 

What Is A Chevron Quilt?

A chevron quilt is defined by zig-zag lines that usually go across the quilt horizontally. The chevron design has been around for centuries and was first called “chevron” in 14th century France because the design resembled rafter beams on a ceiling. 

How Do You Make a Chevron Quilt?

The easiest way to make a chevron quilt is to use a quilt pattern. Patterns will include fabric requirements, cutting instructions, layouts, color recommendations, and step-by-step instructions on how to piece the entire quilt top.

However, if you know how to make an HST (half square triangle),  you can make a chevron quilt. Follow these steps to construct this simple 60”x60” chevron quilt. 

step 1 chevron quilt pattern

1. Piece the HSTs

Choose what size HST you want to use. For this example, you will need 100- 6 ½” HSTs. 

step 2 chevron quilt pattern

2. Layout the HSTs to create the chevron pattern.

step 3 chevron quilt pattern

3. Sew the horizontal rows

step 4 chevron quilt pattern

4. Sew the rows together

step 5 chevron quilt pattern

There you have our super-simple chevron quilt pattern instructions. You can use these steps to create any size quilt with any size HSTs. This would be a great way to use scraps or fat quarters.

How Do You Sew Chevrons Together?

The tricky part of sewing a chevron quilt is to line up the seams so the points match. A great way to ensure that your points line up is to press the seams open once you have sewn your horizontal rows together, press the seams open. 

When you go to sew the rows together, pin the rows right sides together, ensuring that the seams are lined up perfectly, and pin directly in the seam. This will hold the fabric securely and give you beautiful straight chevron points.

23 Clever and Colorful Chevron Quilt Patterns

This group of chevron patterns will include a combination of free and paid quilt patterns, beginner-friendly projects, and a few more challenging ones.

Chevron quilts make lovely gifts for babies, kids, teens, and adults, so keep that in mind while perusing these fun patterns. 

1. Interlocking Rings

interlocking rings chevron quilt pattern

I wanted to start this list with this gorgeous, modern take on a chevron design. This pattern provides baby, throw, and twin-size instructions and illustrations to show you how to create this quilt. This unique design will look fantastic using solids or patterned fabrics.

2. Chevron Rag Quilt

chevron rag quilt chevron quilt pattern

Here is a fun option for my fellow rag quilt lovers. This quilt has a unique shape and interesting construction, but don’t worry; this is a free tutorial from Ricochet and Away! The finished quilt will measure approximately 52”x52”, making it a great lap quilt or playmat for a small child.

3. Asymmetrical Chevron

asymmetrical chevron chevron quilt pattern

I found this beautiful asymmetrical quilt on Pinterest. I searched and couldn’t find the name of the quilt pattern anywhere, but I wanted to share it to show that not all chevron quilts are created equal. This image shows each block, so you could recreate this pattern and make it yourself with some time.

4. Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

zig zag quilt pattern chevron quilt pattern

Here is a lovely free tutorial for this chevron quilt. This pattern is a charm pack (5” squares) friendly and should be a reasonably quick assembly. The finished size will measure 58”x68” great size for a throw quilt. 

5. Quilt-As-You-Go Chevron Quilt

quilt-as-you-go chevron quilt pattern

Wow, this quilt is gorgeous with its bright colors and fun patterns. A video tutorial and written instructions accompany this free tutorial.

The designer uses 3” strips, but you could easily swap those out for jellyroll strips. The quilt’s dimensions will be slightly different if you use small strips. 

6. Patchwork Chevron Quilt

patchwork chevron quilt chevron quilt pattern

Here is another free tutorial that would be a fantastic beginner quilt project. This tutorial has beautiful pictures that show how to piece the blocks step-by-step. You can use charm packs for this quilt or cut squares from yardage. The finished quilt will measure 78”x78”. 

7. Herringbone Strip Quilt

herringbone strip quilt chevron quilt pattern

This is a glorious example of using your scraps fabrics in the best way possible. Sandra Clemons made this quilt, and she did a beautiful job creating a modern chevron quilt pattern with this quilt.

She briefly describes how she created this quilt, so that I wouldn’t recommend this for a true beginner. It would be better suited for someone who has some experience with quilt-making. 

8. Elephant Walk

elephant walk chevron quilt pattern

Here is a quilt that uses the chevron pattern in the design but doesn’t necessarily make it the star. The elephant applique, wide borders, and chevron make this a fun, confident beginner to intermediate project. The quilt’s finished size is 41”x56”.

9. Baby Chevron Quilt Pattern 

baby chevron quilt pattern

Here is a four-part free tutorial that will take you step-by-step in the quilt-making process, from selecting fabrics to binding the quilt. The finished size of the quilt will be 39”x45 ½”.

In the tutorial’s last part, the designer tells you how to make a larger quilt using her instructions.

10. Lickety Split

lickety split chevron quilt pattern

Lickety Split is a free chevron quilt pattern that will show you how to make this modern baby quilt. This tutorial has easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful illustrations for each step.

The completed size for this quilt is 42”x46”, but like many chevron quilt patterns, you could add rows and make a larger quilt if desired.

11. Rainbow Chevron Twin Quilt

rainbow chevron twin quilt chevron quilt pattern

This free tutorial shows you in great detail how to make each of these arrow-shaped blocks using two flying geese blocks. The tutorial features images of each step for constructing flying geese, so if you don’t know how to make them, you’re in luck! The finished size of this quilt is twin-size 66 ½”x90 ½”.

12. Neutral Colors Chevron

neutral colors chevron chevron quilt pattern

The color palette of this quilt is serene and calm, making it the perfect quilt for snuggles and sleep. This designer used HST blocks; she rotated them differently than in our easy tutorial. This would make a great beginner project.

13. City Girl Chevron Pattern

city girl chevron pattern chevron quilt pattern

This unique, modern chevron design is by Krista Moser, and though it might look complicated, it’s a great beginner project. To make this pattern, you will need a Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler. The finished quilt size from this pattern is 72”x90” (twin) but can be used to make any size quilt. 

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14. Sara’s Chevron Quilt

sara's chevron quilt chevron quilt pattern

Suppose you like to use foundation paper piecing to make quilts. This pattern includes all templates needed, instructions, and easy-to-follow illustrations. The pattern consists of two sizes: baby and throw, but you can use it to make a larger quilt. 

15. Chevron Quilt Pattern by Missouri Quilt Co

chevron quilt pattern by missourri

Here is a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co that uses 10” squares to create these beautiful flying geese blocks. You can use precut layer cakes or cut your squares to make this 75”x91” quilt top. You could also use scraps if you have a bunch of previous projects.

16. Super Zig

super zig chevron quilt pattern

This colorful patchwork chevron design was created by The Happy Zombie and is a beautiful beginner project. You will construct the blocks using rectangles placed on the bias. The finished size of this fun quilt is 62”x79”.

17. Vibrations

vibrations chevron quilt pattern

Vibrations is a free pattern from The Fat Quarter Shop. It is a well-written pattern that will give you fabric requirements, cutting instructions, and step-by-step instructions on creating this cute patchwork-style chevron design. You can make a twin-size quilt measuring 70 ½”x 84 ½”.

18. Zig Zag Chevron Quilt

zig zag chevron quilt pattern

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for a baby-size chevron quilt. The tutorial gives fabric requirements if you want to use four or nine coordinating fabrics.

This pattern uses strips; you could easily make it in one afternoon. The finished quilt size is 42”x56” and will make a wonderful baby shower gift. 

19. The Wave

the wave chevron quilt pattern

You can use this beginner-friendly quilt pattern to make any size quilt, but the pattern has specific instructions for a 54”x54” baby quilt.

A great feature of this quilt is choosing different fabrics. You can make a quilt for any occasion, from a baby girl’s first quilt to a Christmas-themed quilt.

The pattern includes several colorways to show you what is possible with a simple color change.

20. Chevron Quilt (the easy way)

chevron quilt (the easy way)

This free tutorial uses HST to create this beautiful patchwork chevron design. The designer shows you how to make four HST at a time, which will help you save time and fabric.

She also gives fabric requirements for various quilt sizes that you can create using her tutorial.

21. PDF Baby Chevron Quilt Pattern

PDF baby chevron quilt pattern

Here is an example of a modern chevron baby quilt with intricate free-motion quilting. This pattern will show you how to cut the fabric you will need to make this quilt and give you instructions on how to piece it together. The final size of the baby quilt measures 41”x47”.

22. Patchwork Large Chevron Quilt

patchwork large chevron quilt

Here is a beautiful patchwork-style pattern that is similar to our example tutorial. I couldn’t find specifics for this quilt, but it looks like the designer used 10” squares to create the orange and black HST blocks.

This is an excellent option if you have some beautiful fabric that you want to feature on a sizeable cuddly quilt. 

23. Halloween Chevron Quilt Tutorial

halloween chevron quilt pattern

Do you like to have a quilt for every season? Why not make a “not so spooky” Halloween quilt using this well-written and easy-to-follow tutorial from The Little Fabric Blog?

She shows you how to make this adorable zigzag quilt that will measure 45”x58” when completed.

This fun curation of chevron quilt patterns shows us just how versatile the chevron design can be. You can use it for an all-over design, as a border, or as a small decorative section of a quilt pattern. The possibilities are endless for this timeless pattern. 

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