29 Fun And Fabulous Quilt Patterns For Children

Kids love to have a theme for their bedrooms, whether it be cars, animals, princesses, superheroes — this list could go on and on.

But what if you can’t find the perfect blanket in a store for your little one’s dream bedroom?

I’ve gathered up some fabulous inspiration for you to check out for easy quilt patterns for kids.

Hopefully, these will help your imagination take over and create that perfect centerpiece for your child’s bedroom. 

What Size Is A Child’s Quilt?

I know it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide what size quilt to make for your little one. You want to make something that he or she can enjoy for years, but does it make sense for a 2-year-old to use a twin-sized quilt?

My opinion? It’s totally up to you! There are no rules as to what size quilt your child should use. If you want to make them a quilt they can use into their teen years, then I would definitely recommend making a twin-sized quilt. 

However, if you want to make them a new quilt every few years, I think a throw-sized quilt would be a perfect size for a little one. Of course, if you are making a quilt for a baby and want a crib-sized quilt, then a throw-size would be too large for a crib.

Here is a rundown of the different sizes I mentioned:

  • Crib– they can range between 30”x46” through 36”x50” depending on your crib.
  • Throw– My favorite dimensions for a throw are around 50”x60”. Not too big, not too small, perfect for snuggles.

Twin– should be around 70”x90”.

29 Beautiful Child Quilts to Create

  1. Elizabeth Hartman makes a wide variety of quilt patterns. This pattern is a perfect children’s quilt pattern with all the fun, unique animal blocks.

Via Hawthorne Supply Co

2. This quilt pattern just invokes calm and relaxation. Just what your little one needs when he or she needs to sleep.

Via Etsy

3. Isn’t this an adorable boys quilt pattern? The pattern could be adaptable as well if you would like it for a crib size or up to a twin.

Via Suzy Quilts

4. I love this bear quilt, don’t you? I love how switching out the fabrics and colors can dramatically change the look of the quilt.

Via Crafty Staci

5. If you have a little princess of your own, I have found the quilt pattern fit for a queen! Seriously, how cute is this one?

Via Apples & Beavers

6. Here is another Elizabeth Hartman pattern that I had to include in this list. If your kiddo loves dinosaurs, isn’t this the perfect match? This would be great for boys AND girls. I know I would have loved it as a kid (or you know…now).

Via Connecting Threads

7. What kid doesn’t love panda bears? This pattern would be great for a boy or a girl.

Via Gathered

8. Check out this super fun “Road Runner” pattern. Cars, Trucks, and road signs will be an excellent theme for a little guy’s room.

Via CraftPassion

9. Do you have a little cowboy? Here is a perfect option for his bedspread.

Via Etsy

10. How sweet is this “Secret Garden” quilt pattern? This look would be beautiful for any age — but truly adorable for a little girl.

Via CraftPassion

11. The Little Monsters quilt pattern is not only adorable but also a fun option for your child’s room.

Via Etsy

12. Does your little boy or girl love to fish? It would be nearly impossible to find something like this in a store, but you could create it with this pattern!

Via Etsy

13. Caterpillars are so cute, so why not put them on a quilt top?! This pattern would be a great way to feature some beautiful fabrics.

Via Etsy

14. Now if you have a little one obsessed with all things fairy tales, wouldn’t this be the perfect quilt for her?

Via Beaverhead Treasures

15. Do you have a creative kiddo? This free crayon quilt pattern would be fantastic for them. They could pick out the colors for each crayon and be able to express their creativity.

Via Daydreams of Quilts

16. Okay, so this quilt initially made me giggle, but honestly, how cool is this? I bet any little girl would LOVE this quilt.

Via Etsy

17. Is bath time your child’s favorite time? With this quilt, they will be able to play with their rubber duckies any time of day.

Via Etsy

18. This pattern comes in “girl” and “boy” versions and would be a great transition quilt for a toddler as they grow.

Via Etsy

19. Do you have a little ballerina in your family? She would adore this precious quilt. You can make this pattern in three different sizes. The 3D effect of the tulle in the skirts makes it even more delightful.

Via Etsy

20. Is your child a Disney enthusiast? This pattern would be perfect for their room! The pattern comes in Minnie and Mickey mouse head designs.

Via Etsy

21. I had to put this timeless quilt in the mix. This star quilt is gorgeous and would be fantastic for a child through their teen years and beyond.

Via Etsy

22. It’s no secret Star Wars is as cool today as it was decades ago. This Darth Vader quilt would be a terrific addition to your son’s (or daughter’s) bedroom.

Via FaveQuilts

23. Flowers are always a beautiful addition to a room, and this pattern would be something your child will love for years.

Via Etsy

24. Not only is this quilt adorable, but it can also help your little one learn their ABCs. I like the modern feel of this quilt as well.

Via Etsy

25. This look is the perfect boy’s quilt pattern! Airplanes are a great theme for a little guy’s room, and this pattern is beautiful; he’ll love it.

Via Etsy

26. The Sweetheart quilt pattern would be a lovely touch to a nursery or children’s room. Fabric selection could make this utterly unique for your child.

Via Etsy

27. What kid wouldn’t love this fun quilt top? Ice cream is such a fun theme for a children’s quilt.

Via Ann Kelle

28. This pattern with just the flags would be great, but that added owl puts this quilt into cuteness overload!

Via Etsy

29. Lots of kids want a space-themed bedroom, and with this quilt pattern, you can create the quilt of your child’s dreams.

Via Etsy

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There we have it! Twenty-nine quilt patterns to inspire your next quilt project. Kids are so unique, and it’s great that you can find quilt patterns to match your child.

Which pattern is your favorite? Have you created a themed quilted for your child’s room? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Looking for the perfect quilt to go with your kids' bedroom? Check out this list of 29 quilt patterns for children of any theme.

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