9 Beautiful And Sweet Baby Quilt Kits

One of my favorite quilt projects to work on is a baby quilt.

There’s just something about making a quilt for a new little bundle of joy that makes the project even more special and precious to me.

I know it can be overwhelming to figure out how much fabric to buy (especially if you are ordering online) or trying to match colors and patterns together, especially for beginner quilters.

In this post, I want to show you a few precut baby quilt kits along with several baby quilt kits for beginners that will help take all the guesswork out of making your next baby quilt.

What To Look For In A Baby Quilt Kit

When hunting around for the perfect kit, there are a few factors you’ll want to look for in your search.

  • What’s included in the kit: Not all kits are created equal. Some will only include fabric for the quilt top. Others will also include the binding fabric and backing fabric. Just be sure to check into this when looking around, so you’re not hit with a surprise expense or extra trip to the fabric store.
  • Finished size of the quilt: If the expecting mother specifically asks for a crib size quilt, make sure you don’t buy a kit meant for a throw size quilt or vice versa.
  • Gender/ Gender Neutral design. Some parents like to keep the gender of their baby a secret even from themselves. In cases like these, your best option will probably be a “gender-neutral” quilt kit. Find out from the parents if they have a color palette chosen for their nursery and find a kit that would be loved by either a boy or a girl…or both!

9 Beautiful Baby Quilt Kit

1. Adore You, Baby Quilt Kit

Adore You

How sweet is this quilt pattern? This is one of my favorite baby girl quilt kits that I have come across. Its precious design and has a timeless quality to it.

This kit includes the pattern and all the fabrics needed for the quilt top, binding, and backing. You will just need to purchase the batting separately. All the fabrics are from Tilda USA and are 100% cotton.

The finished quilt size is 37 ½”x46”, a great size for a baby.

2. Woodland Baby Girl Quilt Kit

Woodland Baby

This quilt kit is a great option for a beginner quilter or for someone who needs to “whip up” a quilt over a weekend. Woodland animals are a popular nursery theme, so this would work for a lot of nurseries.

The finished quilt measures 40”x50”. With this size, the baby will be able to enjoy this quilt for several years. These fabrics are beautiful and perfect for a little one.

This kit includes everything you will need for the quilt top, binding, and backing, plus instructions. All you need to purchase is the batting.

3. Applique Whale-Splash Quilt Kit

Applique Whale-Splash

This quilt is sure to make a “splash” at the baby shower! I think this would make a fantastic baby boy quilt kit for someone who wants to try their hand at applique. This kit comes with all the fabric for the quilt top and binding, plus the pattern and instructions. 

You will need to purchase the batting and backing fabric, but they do give you suggestions of how much fabric for the backing and batting to purchase. The finished quilt comes to 42”x52”.

All the fabrics are from the Moda Bella solids collection, so you know you are getting good quality fabrics with this kit.

4. “Butterfly Kisses” by SusyBee Quilt Kit

"butterfly Kisses"

Fabric panels are a popular item to find in quilt kits. They usually have a beautiful scene on the panel, which is meant to be the focal point of the quilt top. This quilt has a lovely image of butterflies and flowers.

This kit includes the pattern and all the fabric needed for the quilt top, binding, and backing. So you’ll only need to purchase the batting separately. The finished quilt will be approximately 44”x50”.

5. Camp-A-Long Critters Quilt Kit


Here is another example of a quilt kit featuring a fabric panel. This is also a great example of a gender-neutral quilt. If you are just learning to quilt, this quilt kit would be a great option for you.

This kit will include everything you need to create the quilt top, binding, and backing fabric, so the only additional expense will be the batting. The finished quilt will measure approximately 38”x43”- a great size for most cribs.

6. Puffy Rag Quilt Kit

Puffy Rag

Doesn’t this quilt just look like a soft, cuddly cloud?

This puffy rag quilt kit is another excellent option for beginners. The kit will include all the flannel fabric for the quilt top and the backing. All the fabric is precut for you in 5” squares.

The kit does not include the stuffing for the “puffy” effect. You could use this kit to make a regular rag quilt or buy your own stuffing for the puffs. The finished quilt will measure 36”x40”.

7. Eloise Elephant Applique Quilt Kit

Eloise Elephant

This quilt kit is adorable, isn’t it?

Eloise the Elephant would be a beautiful addition to any nursery. I think my favorite pieces are the bees. This kit includes the pattern and all the fabric for the quilt top and the binding.

You will need to be able to piece and applique either by hand or by machine. The completed quilt will be approximately 42”x52”.

8. Riley Blake Cat Baby Quilt Kit

Riley Blake Cat

This quilt kit comes with the quilt top already sewn together.

All you need to do is create your quilt sandwich, quilt as desired, and bind it! The kit comes with the finished quilt top, already made binding and backing fabric. This quilt would be a fun option if you want to practice your quilting, but you may not have time to piece together an entire quilt top.

The finished quilt will be 36”x48”. 

9. Bear Rag Quilt Kit

bear rag quilt

This cozy warm looking rag quilt would make a lovely gift for a sweet baby boy or girl. Kids love rag quilts because of the texture of the rag seams and the soft flannel used to create them.

This kit will include a pattern, instructions, and all the fabric needed for the quilt top and the backing.

It does not come with the middle layer (usually another layer of flannel or fleece), so you will need to order that separately. Unlike the other rag quilt kit I showed you earlier, the flannel is included as yardage and won’t be cut into squares already. The final size will be 30”x50”.

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Ready to get started with a baby quilt kit?

Isn’t it great that we have so many options for quilt kits? I like the whole idea of quilt kits because it takes out all the guesswork and feelings of overwhelm when you’re unsure how much fabric and which fabric to purchase.

Do you like quilt kits? Which is your favorite from the list above? Have you used one to create a gift for a baby shower? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Wanting to create a new quilt for your little bundle of joy? Check out these baby quilt kits you can use to start with your new quilt project.

2 thoughts on “9 Beautiful And Sweet Baby Quilt Kits”

  1. I started quilting when my Grandmother took ill and was in a coma. When I went to see her she woke up, and told me how cold she was. I went out not knowing how to sew two pieces of material together, bought the best sewing machine at that time and was on the last square of the Grandmother’s fan when she passed. I finished the quilt and the rest is history.
    When I had my mastectomy, 4 years ago, quilting is what got me through my illness. I have had my Babylock Ellisimo for around 10 years and absolutely love it. That was about 300 quilts ago.
    Christine Mc Elroy

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story, Christine. And 300 quilts?! You’re a quilting superstar!


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