Learn To Make A Nine Patch Quilt + 17 Gorgeous Patterns

When learning beginner quilt blocks, it is essential to master the nine-patch quilt block.

This particular quilt block is simple and easy to learn, but it is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different quilt-making applications. 

Today, we will go over how to construct a nine-patch quilt block, and I will also show you a bunch of modern nine-patch quilt patterns to inspire you to create your own.

What Is a 9 Patch Quilt?

The nine-patch quilt block is a great foundational block that can be used in conjunction with other types of blocks, or you can make an entire quilt top using only nine-patch blocks. 

Before we dive into our simple tutorial for how to make this adaptable block, let’s go over what precisely a nine-patch block is and whether or not it can be adjusted or not. 

A nine-patch block is simply a quilt block made up of 9 “patches” or pieces. Easy, right? Traditionally, this block is made using nine squares of the same size, but they can be made using different sized “patches,” which you will see in a few of the patterns in this post.

How Do You Make a Simple 9 Patch Quilt? 

This simple tutorial will show you how to create a traditional nine-patch quilt block. 

Step 1: Cut your fabric.

You will need nine squares which are all cut the same size. For this example, let’s use 5” squares. 

Step 1: Cut your fabric

Step 2: Sew the three horizontal rows together.

There are three horizontal rows in a nine-patch block with three squares in each row. When constructing this block, first sew all the horizontal rows creating three, rectangles.

Step 2: Sew the three horizontal rows together

Step 3: Sew the rows together. 

Next, we will sew our rows together. You want to make sure you are lining up the seams of the blocks, so you have perfectly crisp lines. Think of the lines for a tic-tac-toe game shown in the illustration below.

Step 3: Sew the rows together

And here is what your finished Nine Patch quilt block will look like:

Common Questions about Making 9 Patch Quilts

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a 9 Patch Quilt?

  • This will depend heavily on the quilt pattern that you choose to use. Most quilt patterns will give you fabric requirements for different-sized quilts.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Queen Size 9 Patch Quilt?

  • Again, the specific amount will depend on the quilt pattern you choose but, for most nine-patch quilts, you will need around 8 yards of fabric for the quilt top and another 8 yards for the backing. 

How Do You Make a Disappearing 9 Patch?

  • To create a disappearing 9 patch quilt, you will follow our tutorial for a traditional 9 patch block then cut that block into quarters. You then rotate the blocks to create a unique design. 

17 Nine Patch Quilt Patterns You’ll Love 

Now that you have taken my crash course in nine patch quilt blocks, let’s get to the fun part and check out some beautiful nine patch quilt patterns. I have found various paid and free patterns for this list, so hopefully, we have something for everyone here.

1. The Beachcomber

This lovely quilt pattern uses a nine-patch block as the centerpiece for larger blocks created using the same size squares over the entire quilt top. This quilt can be made relatively quickly and is a great beginner project. The finished quilt will measure 67 ½”x79”.

2. Sweet Menagerie

Here is a simple and free tutorial on creating these cute bordered nine-patch blocks. The instructions for this quilt pattern will make a 66 ½”x90 ½” quilt top. 

3. Charming Nine

First off, how gorgeous are these colors? I love this color palette! This pattern would be a perfect fit for that fat quarter bundle that you love, but you’re not quite sure what to do with it. 

4. Double 9 Patch

The Double 9 Patch is an excellent choice if you have scraps you need to use up. As the name implies, you first create small nine-patch blocks and then use those blocks to create a larger nine-patch patch block.

5. Scrappy 9 Patch

Scrappy 9 Patch

Here is a perfectly simple free nine-patch quilt pattern. You choose two fabrics per block, mix and match the placement, and sew them together. You’ll love this throw-size beginner quilt pattern

6. A Stitch in Time

At first glance, this may look a bit more complicated than the other quilt patterns in this list, but the nine-patch blocks are just turned on point if you look closely. 

7. Exploding Nine Patch

This modern take on the traditional 9 patch block is sure to be a showstopper for your next quilt project. This pattern includes two different sizes: throw and full size. 

8. Vintage Nine Patch

Here is a perfect example of a 9 patch block made with varying sizes of squares and rectangles. These blocks are still considered 9 patch blocks, but the pieces that make it up are three different sizes. 

9. Simple Scrappy 9 Patch Quilt

If you are a beginner quilter, this pattern would be a fantastic choice for one of your first quilting projects. This pattern includes two sizes: 52 ½”x61 ½” and 61 ½”x70 ½”.

10. Window Box 

This pattern is jelly roll friendly and another fun beginner project. The finished quilt will measure 58”x70”. You could easily adjust the size by adding or subtracting blocks.

11. Halloween Nine Patch

This quilt uses large nine-patch quilt blocks to make up the quilt top. This is another design that would be a terrific option for a beginner or if you want to make a quick and easy quilt top.

12. 9 Patch Snowball Quilt

This quilt top is made up of two different quilt blocks: the 9 patch and the snowball. There are two different sizes to choose from in this pattern – baby, twin/full, and queen size.

13. Nine Patch Checkerboard

Here is a well-laid-out, free tutorial for making this scrappy nine-patch quilt design. You can use jelly roll strips, fat quarters, or yardage to make this quilt. 

14. Irish Chain

This beautiful Irish chain quilt pattern is free and ready for you to dive into! This downloadable quilt pattern will show you how to make a throw-size quilt measuring approximately 56”x68”.

15. Nine Patch on Point

Here is another quilt pattern that puts the nine-patch blocks on point, which means they are rotated 45° to make a unique design. The finished quilt will measure 75 ½”x84”.

16. Uneven 9 Patch

How adorable are these blocks? These are another example of nine-patch blocks that use different size “patches” to create these sweet present-like blocks. This pattern is fat quarter friendly and will show you how to make a 58”x72” throw size quilt. 

17. Bordered Nine Patch

Missouri Star Quilt Company offers this free video tutorial on creating these fun bordered nine-patch blocks on their blog. 

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Final Thoughts

As you can see in these example quilt patterns, the nine-patch quilt block can be used to make all different kinds of quilts depending on your skill level and design taste. I would love to encourage you to dive into a nine-patch quilt pattern and have fun with it!

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