23 Patriotic Quilt Patterns To Show Your All-American Spirit

When thinking of nostalgic Americana hand-crafted artwork, what comes to your mind?

I know for me, quilts are at the top of my list. 

There’s something so heartwarming about patriotic quilts and the impact that quilting as a whole has had on the American sewing community. 

Though quilting did not originate in the United States, it has a rich history cherished to this day by communities and people from all walks of life.

In this post, I’ve curated 23 Americana quilt patterns to inspire you to embrace the good ole’ red, white, and blue.

What Is The Oldest Quilt Pattern in America?

Before we dive into some patriotic patchwork quilt examples, it’s useful to know a bit of history about the oldest quilt pattern in the country. 

After an extensive online hunt to an answer this question, I realize one thing is clear. Quilting is in the folk art category, and with that comes a lot of misdirection, a little myth, and a sprinkle of legend. 

Puritans brought quilting with them when they came to America. These quilts were not intricate decorative works of art but made out of necessity to keep themselves warm.

America’s oldest surviving whole cloth quilt is the Martha Howard quilt, created sometime between 1761 and 1787.

However, most “quilt patterns” were designs passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. Actual quilt patterns most likely were not created until the 1800s. In this century, the three most popular patterns were the following:

Bear’s Claw

The Bear’s Claw quilt pattern is a stunning design that had a life-saving purpose. Historians believe that this quilt pattern was used to guide escaped slaves to food and water during the time of the Underground Railroad. 

bear's claw

Log Cabin

The Log Cabin quilt pattern became popular during the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln was president. His story of growing up in a log cabin inspired quilters to reflect the pioneer spirit and other American values in their quilt designs.

Lone Star

The Lone Star quilt has its history bound with the Lakota Native American tribes, replacing the traditional buffaloe robe for ceremonial occasions. The Lone Star also was the symbol for the state of Texas just before the Alamo in 1845.

lone star

23 Patriotic Quilt Patterns to Create

Now that you’ve seen a few of the oldest quilt patterns used in America, I want to show you some gorgeous ideas to create your own patriotic quilt. I’ve also gathered a few free patriotic quilt patterns in our collection here.

You can change virtually any quilt design to a patriotic theme if you choose reds, whites, and blues for the color scheme.

But in this list, I’ve found some beautifully unique patterns that are perfect for Labor Day, the 4th of July, or any occasion when you feel that patriotic spirit.

1. Hollow Star 

Wow, look at these gorgeous stars! This quilt top would make a spectacular decoration for your 4th of July party. The pattern makes a quilt top 81”x84” and is a great option if you have blue and red scraps laying around.

2. Let Freedom Ring

This awe-inspiring pattern features a mixture of pieced and applique techniques to create this quilt. The final size of this quilt is 96.85” square. 

3. Patriotic American Star 

This quilt is beginner-friendly and an excellent option if you want a simple design you can create quickly. The scalloped edge gives it just that extra bit of charm and interest. The final size is 56”x75” — a great throw size.

4. Flag Quilt Block 

Enjoy a free tutorial for this block which is a great option if you are starting your first quilt project ever. The final size of this block will be 8”, so to create a throw size quilt (56”x64”), you could easily make 56 of these blocks and sew them together.

5. American Dream

This beautiful, modern pattern shows you how to make three different sizes: crib, twin, and picnic. Use up those scraps on this scrap-friendly design, or pick your fabrics from your favorite designer. 

6. Close to My Heart

This quilt top shows everyone just how much you love your country. The adorable floral border gives it a feminine touch that softens the entire look of the design. This downloadable PDF pattern makes a 54 ½” x 68” quilt. 

7. Patriotic Starry Path

Aren’t these stars unique? I love how this pattern is patriotic without having to “scream” Americana.

This design would be perfect for a boy’s bedroom or as a year-round throw, as well as during patriotic celebrations. The finished quilt is 55”x68”.

8. American Flag Heart

This cute heart is a fun, quick option for you to try out quilting. You could easily make this heart design with a wide variety of colored fabrics if you want to use it for other holidays and themes. The pattern makes a quilt 75”x65”.

9. Antebellum Quilt

How gorgeous is this heirloom-style mini quilt? Pam Buda did an entire sew-along series to create this beautiful piece of art. Imagine a series of three of these hanging on a wall in complimentary colors.

10. Braveheart Picnic Quilt

This lovely picnic quilt measures 52”x61,” and the pattern also comes with instructions to create a matching table runner which measures 14”x45”. It’s another versatile pattern that you could use for many other occasions.

11. One Star One Nation Mini Flag

If you need a small flag decoration and don’t want to create an entire quilt to celebrate Independence Day, this pattern is perfect for you. The pattern is for a mini quilt that measures just 6”x9” and would make an adorable mug rug or wall hanging. 

12. For Which It Stands

Modern Americana at its best! I love the unique way this designer has used negative space to create these interesting lines. This pattern gives you four different size options: throw, twin, queen, and king. 

13. Freedom Quilt

The foundation of this quilt is a straightforward stripe design, and the stars are appliqued onto the blue strips.

This design is a great option if you are new to applique and don’t want to complete a huge project. Sizes include throw, table runner, and table topper. 

14. Stars a Waving

The Stars a Waving pattern is a beautiful beginner-friendly design that looks more intricate and difficult than it is. The finished size will be 60”x78”, which is the perfect size for a throw size quilt.

15. Stars and Stripes Quilt

Flags, flags, and more flags! Modern and beautiful, Stars and Stripes is a perfect choice for beginners or advanced quilters. This pattern shows you how to create a quilt sized 56”x71”.

16. Betsy Ross Quilt 

Betsy Ross is known as America’s “First Seamstress,” and this quilt pattern was created with her in mind. It makes a beautiful, celebratory wall hanging or bed cover. This pattern gives you two different sizes — a throw size and a twin. 

17. America O’ America

This charming twist on the American flag is a beautiful and easy beginner-friendly pattern. It creates a modern country look that takes you back to a simpler time. The finished quilt will be about 52”x68”.

18. Four-Star Salute Table Runner

This table runner is a simple design that’s perfect for a table centerpiece celebrating different American holidays throughout the year. The final size for this table runner is 13”x51”.

19. New Slant on Old Glory

How do you make an American flag quilt? This well-written pattern will answer that question! This mini quilt would be gorgeous as a centerpiece on a table or as a wall hanging. The finished quilt is 28”x44”.

20. Star-Spangled Pineapple Quilt Kit

A pineapple is a traditional symbol of hospitality, and what better way to host a patriotic holiday gathering than with this welcoming design? This summery quilt kit will be perfect as a throw-size quilt in your living room or as a picnic quilt. The final quilt top is 40”x58”.

21. Salute to Summer

A pitcher full of flags and flowers overflows with American spirit! Salute to Summer is a mini quilt measuring 23”x26”, which can be used as a centerpiece or a wall hanging. This stunning design would also make a beautiful gift. 

22. Blessed Jets

This gorgeous jet formation design pays homage to American veterans and service men and women. The pattern comes in two different sizes: twin and throw. This quilt would make a heartwarming gift for a returning veteran or a fun coverlet for a boy’s bedroom.

 23. All American Quilt

A patriotic quilt doesn’t just need to be red, white, and blue. We love the touch of turquoise and tan to add dimension and interest to this unique design.

This pattern is another versatile quilt pattern you can use for several different projects if you switch the colors and themes. The finished quilt for this pattern will be 66”x78”.

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Which Patriotic Quilt Pattern Will You Create?

With this wide variety of patterns and ideas, the sky is the limit for creating a unique quilt, whether it is a gift or decor for your own home.

Keep in mind, most of your favorite fabric shops and fabric designers will carry special red, white, and blue fabrics around the holidays, so be sure to snatch it up now to create your Americana quilt. 

In this post, we've curated 23 Americana quilt pattern ideas to inspire you to embrace the red, white and blue in your next quilt project.

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