19 Quilters Bag Pattern Ideas That Are Easy And Fun To Make

Once you have figured out the basics of quilt making, you can start dabbling in different types of projects that will use those skills in different ways.

One of the projects you can check out is quilted bag patterns

Bag patterns come in all shapes and sizes, from small clutch bags to large oversized duffle bags and everything in between.

In this post, we’ve curated19 patterns to give you an excellent representation of what can be possible with some quilting skills and imagination.

How Do You Make a Quilting Bag?

You can translate these simple steps to create a quilted bag into any bag pattern. Even if the one you choose doesn’t say it is for a “quilted” bag, most patterns can use a quilted piece to create a truly custom and unique bag. 

  • Step 1: Choose a pattern for a mini quilt or make a “whole cloth” mini quilt piece that will fit the particular bag pattern you chose. 
  • Step 2: Using your bag pattern, cut your mini quilt piece to the shape it needs to be for your bag pattern.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions for your bag pattern just like you would if you were using regular fabric. 
  • Step 4: When finishing your bag, you can either use traditional quilt binding to conceal the raw edges or follow your pattern’s instructions depending on how the designer shows you how to finish the edges.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!

Quilters Bag Pattern: 19 We Know You’ll Love

This list will show you how unique the selection is for quilt tote patterns and many other styles of bags, from crossbody bags to duffle bags.

Hopefully, this list will spark your creativity and help you choose a quilted bag pattern that will fit your needs and budget. 

1. Cargo Duffle Bag

This bag is perfect for a weekend trip or going to the gym. The best part? This one is a FREE pattern! The final bag will be 18”x 11” x 5” and has so many possibilities depending on the color palette and fabrics you choose. 

2. Lovely Lawns Bag

How gorgeous is this tote? The leather strap is a lovely detail and gives this bag a professional, modern look. The finished bag will be 17” x11” x3”. 

3. Poppins Bag Pattern

With a large zipper closure on the top of this bag, this would be an excellent choice if you are someone who likes to carry a wide variety of items with you at all times.

The inside of the bag will have two large compartments, plus there are two pockets on the outside of the bag. The finished bag will be 18” x 12” x 14”. 

4. Drawstring Bag Pattern

This sweet little bag will be a 9” x 8” circular bag and would be perfect for holding your sewing tools or necessities when traveling. The designer used beautiful vintage fabrics to create this example bag. Love it!

5. Zip Around Pouch

Tiny and adorable, this bag will be perfect for holding your earbuds, lip balm, or other small items we always seem to misplace in our bags. Measuring at 3 ½” diameter and 1” tall, the bag will fit perfectly even in a pocket. 

6. Color Swatch Zipper Pouch

Beginner-friendly and simple in design, this zipper pouch will be a great introduction to the zipper. Zippers are not as intimidating as they may appear at first, and this pattern will give you great instructions on how to tackle them. The finished product will be a 6”x 9” pouch.

7. Tulip Tote Pattern

This modern take on a traditional tote bag is not only beautiful to look at but is also functional. The designer gives you a comprehensive 30-page pattern (with multiple options for the layout of the outside of the bag) and a zipper option. The final size of the bag is 16” x 16” (not including the handles).

8. Bee Hive Hexagon Pouch

Hexagons are timeless quilt blocks, and this designer has created a pattern to use these tiny hexagons for a lovely pouch. These would make fabulous gifts for all your girlfriends and family members. The finished pouch will measure 8” x 4” x 3”.

9. Strawberry Cake Bag Pattern

Measuring at 11” x 8” x 4 ½”, this handbag is an excellent project for a confident beginner. The designer went above and beyond and provided a 36-page pattern including 100 photos to illustrate each step of the process.

10. Quilted Laptop Bag Pattern

When shopping for a laptop bag, you will notice there are not many attractive options out there. With this pattern, you can create a gorgeous case for your laptop to protect it in style. This pattern fits a 15.6” laptop, but you can easily adjust the size for your needs.

11. Sew Together Bag Pattern

At first glance, this may look like just another simple quilted pouch, but once you open this bag, you will see it has three spacious compartments you can use for coupons, cash, jewelry, etc. 

12. Market Bag Pattern

Perfect for shopping, this large tote bag has several pockets and the option to add up to 6 outside pockets. The finished tote will be a spacious 12” x 12” x 4”.

13. Hand Crafter’s Carry-All Basket Pattern

If you like to do crafts on your travels, this carry-all basket will be a great addition to your luggage. The finished basket (tote) will measure 16” x 8” x 10”.

14. Drawstring Quilted Bag Pattern

With this option, you not only get the actual pattern and instructions, but you also get instructions for the quilting design. How cool is that? The finished bag is 11” x 9” x 7”.

15. Boxy Zipper Pouch Pattern

This Boxy Zipper Pouch has three different size options that you can create. These pouches will be an excellent option for beginners to dabble in zippers, quilting, and following along with a pattern.

16. Quilted Phone Case Pattern

Phone crossbodies are gaining popularity, and this pattern has all the features you would need in a phone case. It has a place for your phone, cards, cash, and keys. The instructions include two different choices for the strap.

17. Ghost Trick-O-Treat Tote Bag Pattern

If you’re looking for a unique trick-or-treat candy container, look no further! How adorably spooky is this tote? The finished tote is 13” x 13 ¾”, plus the designer has designed other “creepy” character totes such as a black cat, alien, werewolf, and more!

18. Quilted Chloe Clutch Pattern

The Chloe Clutch is a gorgeous little choice that you can make into a crossbody purse. The designer has included several options in the 19-page pattern. This bag will hold everything you may need for a night out or going shopping with the girls.

19. Charming Tote Pattern

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The designer of the Charming Tote pattern gives you many options for this beautiful pattern and provides extensive detail in the instructions. You’ll also find several examples of what you can make with this pattern. This example tote she made measures: 17” x 17 ½” x 3”.

Quilted bags are a popular style right now, and with all these different patterns, you can create something truly unique and wonderful for yourself and your friends and family. I hope these inspire you to create your own carry-able art!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves quilting? Try these quilters bag patterns and incorporate these into the bags you'd gift to them.

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