11 Fun And Practical Thread Storage Ideas

As a quilter, you’ll find that one of the fun things you get to collect and accumulate over the years is thread and lots of it!

But how do you store it properly? 

Thread storage not only can be functional but beautiful as well.

All those gorgeous colors of thread can create a unique decoration for your sewing space.

In this post, we’ll review several DIY thread storage options along with some store-bought storage ideas. 

What Is The Best Way to Store Thread?

When shopping for thread storage or planning your DIY thread organizer, try to keep these points in the back of your mind to ensure you get something that works best for you.

If you’re like me, you’ll want something that will protect and organize your thread and make it look pretty too!

  • Dust/Pet Hair Level: This is an essential point to keep in mind when deciding your options. I have pets, and their hair can be EVERYWHERE, so I keep my thread and fabric behind closed doors. I have a designated shelf in one of my cabinets for all my thread on a thread storage rack.
  • Cabinet Storage: Keeping your thread in a cabinet will protect it from the sun, dust, and pet hair. If you have a window in your sewing space and the sun is shining on your thread every day, the colors will fade over time.
  • Wall Hanging: Having your thread hanging on the wall somehow, whether on a pegboard thread holder or some other way of displaying it, will be the prettiest way of storing your thread. 
  • Designated Drawer: If you use a drawer organizer, this could be an excellent option for you. You probably don’t want just to throw the thread into a drawer because that could create a tangled mess over time. Organization is vital for this option.
  • Plastic Storage: This option is probably the most common one on the market. Your favorite hobby and crafts store most likely has several options to choose from for plastic containers created specifically for thread storage.

11 Inspiration Thread Storage Ideas

Let’s go over some worthy thread holder options, shall we? Just remember, these are just ideas and inspiration. You can make adjustments and changes for your own specific needs.

1. DIY Drawer Thread Organizer

DIY Drawer Thread Organizer

This organizer is what I was referring to when I said drawer storage is possible with some organization. The quilter who provided this image divided all her threads by colors making her storage container both practical and pretty.

2. Ironing Board Thread Storage

Ironing Board Thread Storage

I am in love with this idea! By attaching pegs to this old ironing board (something you can find at most antique stores), you create a unique decoration and storage piece. 

3. Shelf Thread Storage

Shelf thread storage

This designer made a simple shelf to hang on the wall of their sewing space. The shelves are just deep enough for spools of thread, and the nail in front of each spool allows for hanging a bobbin with matching thread.

4. Pegboard Thread Storage

Pegboard thread storage

Jen, at Gingerthread Girl, hangs her beautifully colorful spools on a pegboard. It’s not only pleasing to the eye, but the thread is just an arm’s reach away from her sewing station.

5. Pull Out Tray Thread Storage

Pull Out Tray Thread Storage

Now that is a serious thread collection! At first, I thought this was a store-bought storage rack of some kind, but the trays appear to be baking sheets as I examined closer. Genius!

6. On The Go Thread Storage

on the go thread storage

Lightweight and portable, this storage container is perfect for anyone who needs to travel with several spools of thread. If you go to quilting retreats or enjoy sewing on your vacations, this would be an excellent investment for you. 

7. Unique Ruler Thread Storage

7. Unique Ruler Thread Storage

When I first saw this idea, I was speechless. How cool is this? Using some nails and a few rulers, you can make this thread holder too. I love seeing these creative ideas from the quilting and sewing community

8. Rotating Tabletop Thread Storage

8. Rotating Tabletop Thread Storage

If you don’t have a lot of space, either on a shelf or your counter, this stand could be a perfect option for you. It won’t take up too much room and is a fun choice to hold up to 84 spools of thread.

9. Custom DIY Thread Storage

9. Custom DIY Thread Storage

The crafter who created this custom thread storage unit did such a great job, don’t you think? She found a board, painted a chevron design on it, and evenly spaced out nails over the entire to board for optimal spool storage. Great idea!

10. Ingenious Thread Storage

10. Ingenious Thread Storage

This idea is one of the best ideas I’ve seen over the years when looking at different craft supplies storage solutions. Sylvia (from Sylvia Stitches) took an inexpensive plastic storage unit and glued golf tees in each drawer. The tees are perfectly spaced to fit her larger spools in each drawer.

11. Honeycomb Thread Storage

11. Honeycomb Thread Storage

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Here is another fun example of the versatility of a pegboard. This designer has hung a beautiful hexagon shelf and stacked her spools of serger thread in each cubby.

I hope this list has inspired you for the next time you search for a new thread holder. These creative ideas other crafters have come up with are inspiring and make me want to make something new for my sewing space.

The fun thing about thread is that it doesn’t go bad, and it doesn’t go out of style — so why not hoard and collect as much as you possibly can, right? And if you’re going to accumulate and collect, you might as well display it, so it looks as pretty as possible. 

Do you want to organize your threads but can't find any idea how? Check this post and see some DIY thread storage ideas as well as those available in the market.

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