10 Of The Best Quilting Games for Your Next Quilt Guild or Retreat

Have you ever been put in charge of finding games for your local quilting guild or a quilting retreat?

How do you help your members and guests break the ice and become a real community of quilt lovers?

We want some unique and fun games for quilters that are the perfect way to bring everyone together, share some laughs, and maybe even learn something new about the wonderful world of quilting.

How to Choose the Best Quilt Games for Your Group

When choosing quilt guild games, I would suggest keeping these three things in mind, so you pick the right games for your group.

  • Age range: Do you have a wide variety of ages in your guild or at your retreat? Try to choose games that will be relevant for old and young members alike. 
  • Experience level: Are you hosting a beginner’s quilt retreat? Keep in mind that most beginners won’t know all the terms and the technical side of quilting. Try picking quilt retreat games that will teach your group some new things and make it fun.
  • Group size: If your guild is only 20 or a few people, then you can play small scale games like charades or some sort of trivia game. If your group is much larger, try to find games that will accommodate your numbers, or consider breaking up into smaller sections or teams. This could be an excellent way for teams to connect.

10 of the Best Quilting Games

1. Quilter’s Bingo

Bingo is a classic game played at all kinds of gatherings, but remember — quilters are competitive and love bingo! Quilter’s Bingo is a perfect game for small and larger groups, old and young, experienced or beginners, etc. 

Instead of having “BINGO” at the top of your card, change it to “QUILT.” Then when someone has a “BINGO,” they yell “QUILT!” instead. For the prizes, you can have fabric bundles or a gift card to a local fabric shop.

2. Quilting Trivia

A trivia game has endless possibilities. You can research fun facts online, find them in your favorite quilting books, or even have your members send you ideas they have learned over the years.

This game is also a fabulous choice for groups with a mixture of beginners and experienced quilters. It can start the conversation between the two groups and create lasting friendships in your guild or retreat for years to come. 

The combination of learning and playing a game is a great way to learn new fun facts and make new friends along the way.

3. Quilter’s Wheel of Fortune

Who hasn’t watched the Wheel of Fortune and wanted to play along? Put a spin on it with quilting terms and phrases to create a hit game with all your quilters.

All you will need is a large whiteboard or chalkboard and some sort of system to determine your guessers’ order. If you have a small enough group, each person can make their own guesses, or if you have a larger group, they can break up into teams.

Here are a few ideas for you:

_ _g  _ _ _i_  (log cabin)

n_ _e   _ _ t _ _  (nine patch)

_ e _ _ _ r _ l _  (jellyroll)

Word Search is another staple game to play at parties or gatherings, and quilting guilds and retreats are no exception. These are fun to do by yourself or with the people next to you and are a great “ice breaker” for us shy folks. 

Here is a free downloadable and printable word search that would be great for your next meeting or retreat. Make it even more fun by putting a time limit on it, or remove the key from the bottom of the page.

5. What Are Your Top 5 Sewing Notions?

The name of the game is “What’s Your Top 5 Sewing Notions?” Hand out 3×5 cards to everyone and ask them to write down the top 5 sewing notions they can’t live without. Like the previous games, if you have a small-ish attendance, you can have one big group, or if you have a larger group, you can break them up into small groups.

Everyone will go around the table and read off one item on their list. Discuss each person’s items, then have members ask questions or share their own stories about that item. Continue through the list until you are finished.

This game is a super simple, fun way to get everyone talking and learning together.

6. Thread Those Needles!

Here is a quick and easy game in which you ask a select number of people to thread needles. Give them a pack of needles with varying sized eyes and a spool of thread. Next, start the timer and instruct them to thread their entire package of needles onto the spool of thread as quickly as possible. The person with the quickest time wins.

A different spin on this game could be having 10 (or any number you choose) sewing machines lined up on tables. Choose your quickest threaders and have them race to see who can thread all 10 machines quickest.

7. Me on a Block!

I’m excited about this game and would love to try it. You can play this game in one of two ways. Contact your members or guests ahead of time, and ask them to create and bring a quilt block that best reflects their personality. 

If you cannot contact your group in advance, don’t worry; just have paper and plenty of colored pencils, crayons, pens, and markers to draw their quilt block. Next, go around the room and invite everyone to explain their block and why it represents who they are. Fun right?

via Flea Market Gardening

8. Quilt Quiz

I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously? A quiz? For a quilt retreat?” But trust me, this is a FUN quiz (said every middle school teacher ever). This quiz will test your knowledge of all things quilts and teach you fun facts you may not have known.

Quilt Quiz is another excellent game if you have a mixture of experience in your group. It’s a perfect conversation starter for your quilters. Whoever gets the most answers correct wins whatever prize you have available, whether it’s a cute fat quarter bundle, rotary cutter blades, or some other fun quilting notions.

9.  Thimble Bucket Toss

I grew up in the midwest, and we had a show on Sunday mornings called “Bozo’s Super Sunday Show.” On the show, kids would stand in one spot and toss ping pong balls into small plastic buckets that were spaced apart in front of the child every two feet or so. Each bucket was a little more difficult than the one before.

This game is basically the same idea, but instead of ping pong balls, you will have your quilters toss thimbles into the buckets. The person who lands the most thimbles in the buckets wins a prize. Who doesn’t love a little competitive tossing at a quilt guild meeting or retreat?

10. Name That Block

Another popular game to play at a guild meeting or quilting retreat is “Name That Block.” You can either have examples of different blocks drawn onto a board, actual samples of each block pinned up onto a wall, a sampler quilt hanging, or different blocks printed on handout sheets.

Set a time limit and see how quickly your quilters can name all the blocks you gathered for them. A fun tie-breaker bonus round might involve the winners naming as many other blocks as possible and having them draw each of those blocks. The person with the most extra blocks wins the game.

Which quilting games with you choose for your next quilt event?

I hope this article has given you some awesome ideas for your next guild meeting or retreat. The love of quilting and the fun of these games is sure to bring your members and guests even closer and help them make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Your members could play several of these games virtually if you cannot physically meet with your guild.

Do you have a favorite game you have played at a quilting event? 

Need some fun quilting game ideas for your next quilting guild or quilting retreat? Check our list of some of the best quilting games.

About the author: Miriam Ronne is a lover of all things quilting and sewing. She is a self-taught quilter and is constantly learning and broadening her skill set to create one-of-a-kind quilts! When she’s not behind her sewing machine you can find her playing with her fur babies or trying her hand at other crafty things.

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  1. Sweet! Lots of fun ideas, our Walnut Valley Quilters of south central Kansas will use some of these ideas. We also do the fat quarter game of moving the material either to the right or the left person in the circle as the story dictates. Each person should end up with a new fat quarter.

  2. How do you play the Fat Quarter Game? I’m looking for games for a Quilt til You Wilt gathering. Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi, Georgeanne, It sounds like from what Peggy described that each person will bring an extra fat quarter, and then everyone sits in a circle. You then pass your fat quarter either to the left or right kind of like hot potato or musical chairs. You could play the game using music. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Hi Peggy,
    I know it’s been awhile since you posted the fat quarter game but can you tell me what story you are reading when you play this game? We are planning a bus trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company and I thought this might be a fun game to play. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi Sue, funny how I find your message now here it is June 12,2023 and I am searching for the quilter’s game with right / left action for or June birthday quilter’s party tomorrow! Since you posted a year ago, well, oops and sorry and now you can see how well this communication method works, right? Or is it what’s left, oh I can’t get right back to you. ;>D

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