The 12 Best Quilting Magazines

The quilting world is vast, yet basic, a collection of creative people who express their individuality, talent, and personal art in unique ways.

People who love to quilt like to read about the ever-changing landscape of quilting.

We are especially interested in new and old fabric collections, and we like to stay current when it comes to the products and services that give quilting its character, attractiveness, and down-home flair.

They highlight quilting stores and share the latest in innovative new quilting tools and patterns.

These modern-day quilting bibles interview well-known designers, and they highlight up-and-coming quilting talent.

They host contests and giveaways, and they bring new patterns to light as well as give quilters the support they need to continue doing what they love.

These great publications do all that, not only for the money but also to keep quilters engaged and in sync with the latest and best trends in the quilting universe.

These top magazines share tons of tips and tools that take quilters to another creative level.

We found the 12 best professional quilting magazines on the market in 2020:

1. McCall’s Magazine 

McCall’s offers quilters technical and instructional guides, articles that explain the traditional methods of quilting, and photos that bring those methods to life.

A 6-issue, year’s subscription is $19.99, and quilters can try the magazine for 90 days, risk-free.

2. Quick Quilts Magazine 

Quick Quilts offers quilters projects that don’t take a lot of time to complete.

The magazine offers quilters a plethora of patterns as well as instructions that make projects easy and quick.

Quilters can find traditional arrangements and modern designs on the Quick Quilts page and a 6-issue, 90-day, risk-free subscription is just $19.99.

3. Quilting Arts Magazine 

This magazine is all about encouraging quilters to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Quilting Arts goes into detail and explains different embellishment techniques, and it offers tips for beginners as well as great information for seasoned quilters.

A year’s subscription is $29.98, but there’s a $5 off promotion going on for a limited time.

4. Fons And Porter’s Love Of Quilting 

Master quilters Liz Porter and Marianne Fons guide quilters to quilting success by offering inside tips and quilting secrets as well as highlighting incredible quilting projects with step-by-step instructions.

A 6-issue, year’s subscription is $20.97, and there’s a risk-free trial period.

5. Quilters World Magazine 

Quilters World is the magazine for today’s quilters. The magazine offers classic and current quilting designs and trends. The magazine was first published in 1979 under the name Quilt World.

Quilters get one free issue when they order a year’s subscription for $21.97 plus a $2.98 delivery charge.

6. American Patchwork And Quilting Magazine 

American Patchwork and Quilting celebrate the fine art of quilting. There are great sewing tips as well as sewing technique advice.

The magazine has a reputation for producing a large number of quilting patterns that appear in every issue. A 6-issue, year’s subscription is $21.97, and there’s a risk-free guarantee.

7. Quiltmaker Magazine 

Each one of the 6 yearly issues of Quiltmaker has dozens of cool patterns for quilters at all skill levels.

The articles highlight techniques, designs, and instructions that inspire quilters to create innovative works of art. A year’s subscription is $29.97, and there’s a risk-free guarantee.

8. Quilters Companion Magazine 

This Australian-based, 6-issue, yearly publication is available digitally through iTunes and Zinio.

The magazine features articles written by well-known Australian quilters as well as articles written by global quilters. To order a subscription you’ll need to email them.

9. Patchwork And Quilting Magazine 

Patchwork and Quilting is a 30-year-old publication that encourages and nurtures the quilters love for creating unique art.

Quilters write the magazine for other quilters. It is the longest running magazine in the United Kingdom. A 12-issue yearly subscription is $61.00.

10. Love Patchwork And Quilting Magazine 

Love Patchwork and Quilting publishes 13 issues a year, and each issue has news and reviews, interviews, and essential quilting techniques. Each printed issue comes with a free gift.

Quilters in Canada and the United States can order thirteen issues a year, and the issue price is $13.99. Quilters in other countries can visit the website: for pricing information.

11. Art Quilting Studio Magazine

Art Quilting Studio gives quilters the opportunity to share tips, ideas, and inspiration. Top quilting artists from around the world share their quilting experiences on the full-color, 144 pages in each issue.

The magazine offers subscription bundle prices. You can check prices here:

12. Quiltfolk Magazine 

Quiltfolk is a quarterly magazine that celebrates quilters and the stories behind their creations.

The magazine is 100 percent advertising free, and the 150-page issues are all about sharing ideas and inspiration, not buying and selling products or services. The 4-issue, yearly subscription price is $75, and there’s free home delivery for US residents.

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Magazines offer beginners a world of information, tips, and inspiration. Older quilters use their favorite magazines as reference books and study material.

The pages of colorful photos show quilters’ finished products, and those creative expressions are catalysts for innovative designs.

In other words, magazines are the bibles of the quilting world. Each one offers a different story and a different viewpoint, so it’s up to the quilter to decide which viewpoint and what tips will help them move to the next quilting level. Some quilters keep magazines for years.

The best quilting magazines become the textbooks of learning that give quilters confidence and a sense of belonging.

Without these quilting magazines, the quilting industry, and the people in it would be a fragmented group of wandering artists with no sense of relevance, according to the seasoned quilters who wait patiently for each new issue.

Not all quilters turn to quilting magazines for help and inspiration on a regular basis. But it’s safe to say that all quilters pick up a magazine or two at some point, and they find information that will help them become better quilters.

What is your favorite magazine?

Do you love all things quilting? In this post we've put together a list of the best quilting magazines for 2020.

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