25 Merry And Bright Christmas Quilt Patterns

My favorite time of year is Christmas, and a great way to get into the holiday spirit is by creating a Christmas quilt to decorate my home.

There are so many different beautiful styles of Christmas quilts that you can easily find one that matches your personal style and design preference. 

I’ve rounded up 25 Merry and Bright Christmas quilt patterns (even a few free Christmas quilt patterns) for you to check out and put you into the holly jolly mood. 

Why Make a Christmas Quilt and When You Should Start

Before I show you the festive Christmas quilt patterns to make, let's go over why I think you should make a Christmas quilt for your home and when is the best time for you to start making your new quilt.

Why Make a Christmas Quilt?

  • It can make a beautiful backdrop for family photos.
  • It will bring holiday cheer to you and your family.
  • A Christmas quilt can completely change the look of your living room or bedroom.
  • How cute would it be to have a Christmas quilt for your guest bedroom when family comes to visit for the holidays?
  • Kids will LOVE a Christmas-themed quilt to wrap up on the couch.
  • It will become a family tradition and heirloom.

Once you’ve decided that you do want to make a Christmas quilt, you need to figure out when you should start creating the quilt

Usually the best time to purchase Christmas fabric and patterns is right after Christmas. That’s when many fabric shops have their holiday fabric and patterns on sale, but it’s not the only time shops will have sales.

I suggest finding the fabric and pattern you want to purchase for your Christmas quilt ASAP. Keep an eye on the fabric shop that carries it and wait for them to have a sale to get a good deal on your supplies.

Depending on how much free time you have, consider starting a side project like a Christmas quilt about two months before you want to complete it. 

Keep in mind, if you want to have your quilt professionally quilted, you’ll need to add that processing time to your total prep time. It wouldn’t hurt to make your quilt and have it ready months before Christmas.

25 Christmas Quilt Patterns

Ready for some inspiration now that you know why and how you should begin your Christmas quilt?

We've curated some of the most beautiful holiday quilts that will make you feel merry and bright at any time of year. You'll find both traditional and modern Christmas quilt patterns in our selection.

1. Gingerbread House Christmas Candy Row Quilt

Gingerbread House Christmas Candy Row Quilt

This quilt is a great example of a quilt top made up of several different Christmas quilt blocks. This pattern comes with six different types of blocks. The completed quilt is a 60”x60” throw size quilt.

2. Mittens and Main Quilt

Mittens and Main Quilt

Isn’t this an adorable pattern? This pattern is the perfect mix of modern and sweet detail! The Mittens and Main pattern has three different size options for you: lap, twin, and queen. 

3. Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt

 Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt

I had to include a Christmas tree skirt in this line-up, right? This pattern makes a traditional Lone Star pattern, but using Christmas themed fabric makes it pretty obvious it’s for the holidays. I love the octagon shape of this skirt. The final skirt will measure approximately 48” from side to side.

4. Vintage Christmas Book Quilt

Vintage Christmas Book Quilt

Wow, how breathtaking is this quilt? This pattern is part of a book by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. The book has a total of 42 Christmas-themed blocks that you can mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind quilt. 

5. Candy Cane Lane Quilt

 Candy Cane Lane Quilt

What’s more classic Christmas than candy canes? This pattern is a beautiful modern option for anyone who loves this sweet treat. I would recommend this pattern for an intermediate quilter. The finished quilt will be 62”x70”.

6. Solstice Quilt

Solstice Quilt

Here is a wonderful example of a traditional sampler quilt, but with these bright modern fabrics, it makes a great option for your Christmas quilt.

The final quilt size is 68”x68” (large throw size). If you are looking for Christmas quilt patterns for beginners, this pattern would be a good choice for you to dabble in several different block types. 

7. An Evergreen Christmas Quilt and Pillow Sham

An Evergreen Christmas Quilt and Pillow Sham

I love the minimalist and modern feel of this quilt, but it still feels homey and warm. This design is another great beginner-friendly pattern.

The pattern comes with four different size options: youth, throw, queen, and king. It also comes with a free pillow sham pattern so you can have matching pillows for your bed which is an awesome bonus!

8. Christmas Irish Chain Quilt

Christmas Irish Chain Quilt

This gorgeous pattern is free and an excellent option if you like a more minimalist/clean look for your decor. I love how the holly pops on the light background. The final quilt size will be 77”x77”.

9. Wooded Whimsy Quilt

Wooded Whimsy Quilt

The Wooded Whimsy quilt is a jelly roll friendly pattern and great for beginner or experienced quilters. This pattern will make a 60”x72” quilt. These whimsical trees are adorable, aren’t they?

10. Charming Christmas Quilt

 Charming Christmas Quilt

The Charming Christmas quilt pattern is another free pattern. This pattern is a charm pack friendly project. This would definitely be a quick project, so if you need a last minute Christmas gift, this would be a great option for you. The pattern will help you make a 59”x59” quilt.

11. Poppa’s Tree Farm Quilt

 Poppa’s Tree Farm Quilt

The mix and match look with the trees and pinwheels or this quilt top is timeless and beautiful. The pattern will make a quilt 57”x80”, but it can easily be adjusted to create a smaller or larger quilt.

12. Jingle Jangle Quilt

Jingle Jangle Quilt

How fun is this quilt? This may be my favorite pattern on this list just because it screams holiday cheer. This example quilt used a great combination of fabrics and colors as well. The quilt pattern is written for two different sizes: 52”x64” and 72”x88”.

13. Holly Jolly Quilt

Holly Jolly Quilt

Another perfect example of a modern quilt that embodies the warmth and joy of Christmas. The Holly Jolly quilt pattern is beginner-friendly and can use solids or patterned fabrics. The finished quilt will be 57 ½ ”x57 ½ ”.

14. Patchwork Christmas Tree Quilt

 Patchwork Christmas Tree Quilt

This example is an easy to follow free tutorial by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter on how to create these beautiful tree blocks. These blocks could be used to make an entire quilt top or as a border for a Christmas themed quilt.

15. Merry and Bright Quilt

Merry and Bright Quilt

I am a big fan of these quilt tops that have a different block type for each row of the design. The mix of traditional quilt blocks and modern blocks works really well in this design. This pattern will make a 28”x 34” mini quilt. 

16. New Slant on Snowflakes Quilt

 New Slant on Snowflakes Quilt

How gorgeous is this pattern? I like how this quilt isn’t specifically Christmas themed but winter in general, so you can leave it out even after the new year. The final quilt size will be 48”x 64”.

17. Merry and Bright Quilt

 Merry and Bright Quilt

This modern take on a sampler quilt would be the perfect addition to your living room or guest room. The finished quilt will be 63”x67”.

18. New Slant on Christmas Tree

New Slant on Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be a Christmas quilt list without a classic Christmas tree on one of the quilt tops. This pattern is set up with a herringbone design creating a beautiful tree. The final quilt will be 48”x64”.

19. Winter Wonderland Quilt

 Winter Wonderland Quilt

Winter Wonderland is the perfect name for this pattern. These adorable snow globes are  modern blocks that look great with beautiful Christmas fabrics. The final quilt size for this pattern is 68”x68”.

20. Wrapped Up Quilt

The Wrapped Up quilt pattern is another gorgeous example of traditional and modern blocks working beautifully together. I love the detail of the ribbon on the presents — it’s a great little touch. The completed quilt will be 74”x74”.

21. So This Is Christmas Quilt

 So This Is Christmas Quilt

I’m not sure what is cuter, the chubby reindeer or the tall, skinny, potted evergreens. This lovely quilt pattern will make a 60”x75” quilt. This design is definitely a heirloom quality quilt pattern.

22. Christmas Ribbons Quilt

Christmas Ribbons Quilt

This design is what most would picture if you mentioned a Christmas quilt, so I had to include it on the list.

The Christmas Ribbons pattern is beautiful and timeless and will work well with modern fabrics or more traditional, depending on your style. The pattern will make a finished quilt of 62”x62”.

23. Pixie Stockings Quilt

Pixie Stockings Quilt

This example is such a fun pattern, and I’m sure any child (or adult) would love this on their bed. I love the variations in the different-sized stockings. The finished quilt will be 60”x80”. 

24. Wander Through the Woods Quilt

Wander Through the Woods Quilt

This pattern would be a great option if you have some beautiful Christmas themed fabric that you wanted to showcase. This example is a beginner-friendly pattern.

You could also use this pattern to make a quilt in non-Christmas themed fabrics which makes this pattern a good investment. The completed quilt will measure 40 ½”x 48 ½”.

25. Joyfully Quilt

Joyfully Quilt

The Joyfully quilt pattern resembles either candy or “Christmas crackers”. This is another great pattern if you have some fun fabrics you would like to showcase on your quilt. The final quilt size will be 67 ½”x 79 ½”.

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Did you find your favorite Christmas quilt pattern?

Well there we have it! Twenty-five Christmas quilt patterns — one for each day in December leading to the big day. 

I hope this has inspired your inner elf to start planning your Christmas quilt projects for the coming year. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!

Looking for something to use as a decoration for the holidays? Discover our list of gorgeous Christmas quilt patterns you can try making.

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