Fall In Love With These 27 Gorgeous Heart Quilt Patterns

The image of a heart is synonymous with love, so what better way to create something for someone you love than by making a heart quilt

There are heart quilt patterns for every skill level, whether you are a first-time quilt maker to a seasoned professional. 

We will check out an enormous compilation of 27 charming heart quilts to inspire you to create one (or more) for your loved ones. 

How Do You Make a Heart Quilt?

Quilters will make every heart quilt differently, but you will probably follow these steps to create a quilt from start to finish, regardless of what pattern you choose. You can check out our free heart quilt block tutorial here

Step 1: Choose a pattern

You can choose a traditional or modern heart quilt pattern. When selecting a pattern, look for skill level to make sure you find a pattern that will fit your abilities. Choose a pattern that matches the style of the person you are making the quilt for. 

Step 2: Choose fabric

Quilt patterns will give you the fabric requirements for the project, sometimes before you even purchase the pattern. For a more modern look, try choosing all solid color fabrics. Play around with various patterns in coordinating colors for more fun, patchwork look. 

Step 3: Cut fabric

Many quilt pattern designers include fabric cutting instructions in their patterns. If the pattern you choose does not give specific instructions, I recommend cutting the larger pieces from each fabric first. Then cut the smaller pieces with the remaining material.

Step 4: Piece the blocks

Follow the instructions in the pattern for piecing the individual blocks. 

Tip: Press the seams of the blocks as you go. This will give the blocks a professional and more uniform look. 

Step 5: Create the block rows

Sew the blocks together to create the horizontal block rows. 

Step 6: Finish the quilt top

Once you have the block rows completed, you can then move on to sewing them together to finish the quilt top. Take your time sewing the rows together and keep a straight ¼” seam allowance for each seam. Press the entire quilt top before basting.

Step 7: Baste it

Baste the quilt top, batting, and backing fabric together in your preferred method. You can do this using spray adhesive, pins, Elmer’s glue, or fusible batting. These three layers are called a “quilt sandwich.”

Step 8: Quilt it 

Quilt the quilt sandwich as desired. You can either do the quilting yourself or send it out to a longarm quilting service. 

Step 9: Bind it

The final step in the quilt-making process is binding the edges. Many quilters still like to hand bind their quilts, but if you prefer using a sewing machine, by all means, go ahead. I prefer machine binding all my quilts. 

27 Gorgeous Heart Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

These 27 examples are some of the cutest quilt patterns I’ve ever seen. I’ve gathered a good variety of easy heart quilt patterns and more complex designs. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

1. Cross Stitch Heart Quilt

Cross Stitch Heart Quilt

How genius is this design? It combines the beautiful “x” from cross stitching with a simple, modern heart motif. This pattern has two sizes to choose from, including a small wall hanging quilt (30”x30”) or a larger throw size (50”x55”.)

2. Wrap Up Some Love

 Wrap Up Some Love

Susan made this adorable cat heart design at Quilt Fabrication. She includes three size options and gives detailed step-by-step instructions to make the two different blocks in this pattern. This pattern is perfect for a confident beginner.

3. Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

These beautiful hearts have an interwoven design, giving this a fun patchwork feel. This pattern will show you how to make this 48 ½”x53” quilt. The heart blocks are traditionally pieced, and the flowers are applique pieces.

4. Color Outside the Lines

Color Outside the Lines

Do you know someone that loves drawing? Wouldn’t this quilt pattern be perfect for them? This mini version measures 23 ⁇ x26”, but you can also create a larger version of 46’x52. This is an excellent choice for a beginner project.

5. Four Patch Heart-Free Pattern

Four Patch Heart-Free Pattern

Here is a free heart quilt pattern called “Four Patch Heart.” This pattern has five sizes included and will walk you through the different steps to make these cute scrappy heart blocks. This is another beginner-friendly quilt pattern for you to try out. 

6. Lovely Quilt

Lovely Quilt

This simple heart design is a beautiful choice if you want a quick and easy project that will still make a significant impact. The designer provides fabric requirements and step-by-step instructions on constructing the blocks and sashing for this 56”x65 ½” quilt top. 

7. Love You More

Love You More

This simple construction of small squares makes this an excellent choice for beginners. There are two sizes included in this pattern. The squares give an eye-catching swirl movement to this quilt. 

8. Heart String

Heart String

Here is an easy beginner quilt project that will help you learn all the basics of piecing a quilt top. This pattern has easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations to create this fun gingham-inspired quilt design. The finished quilt will measure 56”x72”.

9. Woven Hearts

 Woven Hearts

This sweet pattern creates lovely clover or flower designs using simple heart blocks. I love how the hearts pop on the bright white background. This is a fat quarter or layer cake-friendly pattern. The finished quilt will be a 54 ½” square. 

10. Piece and Love

Piece and Love

Here is a fabulous modern heart pattern made entirely of QST (quarter square triangle) blocks. The designer used bold colors to create this example quilt. The skill level of this pattern is a beginner and includes two sizes: throw and twin. 

11. Christmas Hearts

Christmas Hearts

This Christmas pattern can also be used to make a cute quilt be for a “tree hugger.” This pattern has instructions for two different size blocks a 2” square for a mini quilt and an 8” square for the regular size quilts. Beginners are welcome to take on this project.

12. Pieces of Love

Pieces of Love

This large, scrappy heart is a beginner-friendly project that you can make quickly and easily. There are three sizes to choose from baby, throw, and queen. Wouldn’t this make a lovely gift?

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13. Two Hearts

Two Hearts

This design features a heart within a heart block. The example quilt was made using gorgeous patterns in vibrant colors making this an excellent choice for a young girl, don’t you think? I would have loved this as a child. This pattern has three sizes included and is fat quarter friendly. 

14. Open Heart

Open Heart

Here is another fat quarter-friendly pattern that exhibits a modern outline of a heart. This pattern will show you how to make a 12” block that you can use to make the instructed 67 ½”x 79 ½” quilt, or you can make more or fewer blocks to make different size quilts.

15. Heart Spin

Heart Spin

You can use a charm pack to make this mini quilt. The finished quilt measures 14” square. You could also use this pattern to make several blocks to make a larger quilt. 

16. Exploding Heart Quilt Pattern

 Exploding Heart Quilt Pattern

Here is another quilt pattern that features QST blocks. The exploding heart pattern looks like confetti exploding from the beautiful centerpiece heart. The finished quilt size is 72”x72”.

17. Loving Heart

 Loving Heart

If you prefer traditional blocks, this is a great quilt pattern. You will use the classic log cabin quilt block to create this heart centerpiece. The designer includes three quilt sizes in this pattern.

18. Linking Hearts

Linking Hearts

If you are searching for a quilt pattern to gift to newlyweds, look no further. This gorgeous Mennonite pattern features two hearts linking in the center. The quilt is made of 2” squares, making this an excellent choice for a scrappy design. The finished size is 105”x114”. 

19. Scrappy Hearts

Scrappy Hearts

As the “Scrappy Hearts” name suggests, it is scrappy-friendly. You can also use precuts such as fat quarters or layer cakes. There are three sizes written in this pattern. 

20. Zigzag Love

Zigzag Love

This simple heart block mimics a chevron design when flipped upside down. This pattern was written specifically for beginners and is precut-friendly. The designer includes three sizes baby, throw, and twin. 

21. Star Crossed Love

Star Crossed Love

If you prefer to make a smaller wall-hanging quilt as a gift, here is another mini quilt. The finished size is 28”. You could also use this pattern to create a larger quilt if you make several 28” blocks. 

22. Heart in a Star

Heart in a Star

This pattern is for a 15” block that you can use with other blocks to create a unique quilt top. You could also make several blocks to make a quilt top with just this design. The pattern will show you how to make flying geese and the simple heart center block.

23. Memorial Hearts

Memorial Hearts

This pattern will be an attractive choice if you want to make a memory quilt. You could make each small heart from a different piece of clothing or other fabric that is dear to you. You will be able to make a 60” square quilt with this pattern.

24. Falling in Love

Falling in Love

This pattern is similar to #14, except for the wider heart outline. You will receive instructions for a table runner and a throw-size quilt. Beginners, this pattern will be a great first project.

25. Boho Heart Booklet

Boho Heart Booklet

This jaw-dropping sampler quilt is an intermediate skill-level project. The finished size of this quilt will be 68”x80”. Imagine how unique and gorgeous you could make this quilt using different color combinations. 

26. Groove is in the Heart

Groove is in the Heart

These hearts are appliqued onto a simple patchwork background. The designer gives instructions on stitching the applique pieces in place. The finished size will be 77”x85”, but you can easily make it larger or smaller by adding or subtracting blocks and rows.

27. Hearts and Kisses

Hearts and Kisses

This sweet quilt top has two different heart sizes and is an obvious choice for beginners and advanced quilters. This is a layer cake-friendly pattern, and the finished quilt will be a 74” square. I love the cottage-style design this quilt conveys. 

I hope these quilt patterns have turned your quilty wheels and inspire you to make at least one of them. Any one of these lovely quilts would make such a precious gift.

Giving gifts is a sign of love. As you show your love to someone, why not try these heart quilt patterns for your next quilt gift.

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