Make A Festive Quilted Christmas Stocking With Our Easy Tutorial

Christmas stockings hanging on the mantle is the quintessential Christmas tradition that many of us cherish and pass on in our families.

Sure, you can buy stockings at most big box stores around the holidays, but how much more fun would it be to make your own?

In this post, I show you how to sew Christmas stockings with a simple, easy-to-follow tutorial.

I also give you a few other Christmas stocking designs that you can use to create your palette for unique stockings for your family and friends.

How Do I Make a Christmas Stocking?

There are a couple of options for you to be able to create your stockings.

  1. You can trace or draw your stocking shape and make your own pattern. This is how I demonstrate making a stocking later in this tutorial. 
  1. You can purchase a Christmas stocking sewing pattern. There are hundreds available on Etsy or other online stores, and the possibilities are endless. 

Either way, you can create unique stockings that represent the recipient perfectly. 

How Much Fabric Do I Need to Make a Christmas Stocking? 

Like any quilting project, the fabric requirements depend on the pattern you choose, how many different fabrics you want to include in the design, and how large your stocking will be. 

Luckily, Christmas stockings are charm pack, layer cake, jellyroll, and fat quarter friendly. You can also purchase yardage if you want a “whole cloth” stocking. For this type of stocking, I suggest purchasing half a yard in your favorite Christmas fabric for the front and back of the stocking. 

What Are The Dimensions of a Christmas Stocking?

The great part of making your own Christmas stockings is you can make them any size you want. I give the specific dimensions for the stockings I made for this post in the tutorial image under Step #1. 

Christmas Stocking Pattern: How to Make A Festive Stocking 

There are no rules for what shape you make your stockings or how big or small you make them. Use our free Christmas stocking pattern as more of a guide if you want to experiment with a different shape or size. You can make a stocking to fit a specific gift perfectly with these simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose your shape and size. 

For this example, I am going to stick to a traditional shape for my stocking. I love when stockings look like a boot, so mine will look slightly different from traditional stockings. These instructions give fabric requirements and cutting instructions for two Christmas stockings.

To draw my stocking pattern, I took three pieces of cardstock and taped them together so I had plenty of space to draw my stocking shape. Then I drew my stocking free hand. If you are not comfortable drawing, you can always use a stocking you already have and trace it onto your paper. 

Christmas sock pattern

Once you are happy with the shape, cut out your stocking pattern.

Christmas sock pattern

Step 2: Cut and sew the fabric.

For this example, I show you how to make a horizontal strip-style design for your stockings. I have some beautiful Christmas fabric by Lemonni from their Polar Magic collection that I use here. It has a gorgeous color palette and modern look which I love. 

Christmas sock pattern

I am using four fat quarters. I cut 4- 2 ½”x 21” strips from each FQ and arranged them in two sets like the image below.

Christmas sock pattern

I then sewed them together using a ¼” seam and pressed my seams open, so they lay flat.

Step 3: Cut out the stocking pieces.

Place your stocking pattern on your fabric and cut out your stocking shape. I like to trace the outline of the stocking onto the fabric before I cut them out.

You will cut both fronts from one set of eight strips and then cut the two backs from the other set. To cut the backs, you will need to flip the pattern over to the other side. 

NOTE: If you cut them all out from one side of the pattern, you will NOT have two match sets. You will have four fronts. 

Christmas sock pattern

Repeat this step to cut out the batting and backing (inside of the stocking). You can use a fat quarter for the inside of the stocking. 

In total, you will have 12 pieces — two fronts, two backs, four battings, and four backings (insides of the stocking.) 

Christmas sock pattern

Step 4: Create two stocking-shaped quilt sandwiches. 

Baste your stocking quilt sandwiches and quilt as desired. I used a simple diagonal straight stitch design for mine. 

Christmas sock pattern
Christmas sock pattern

Step 5: Sew the front and back together.

Put the fronts and backs of your stockings right sides together. Then sew around all sides with a ¼” seam allowance (except the top of the stocking). 

Christmas sock pattern

Step 6: Conceal the raw edges.

For this step, there are a few options to conceal the raw edges. You can either use a serger, zigzag stitch or use bias tape. I am using bias tape. This step will help with the longevity of the stockings. 

Christmas sock pattern

Step 6: Turn the stocking right sides out. 

To conceal the raw edge of the top of the stockings, you can either use more bias tape or make quilt binding. I had bias tape leftover from the inside of the stocking, so I used that.

Christmas sock pattern

Step 7: Add the loop.

If you want to make a fabric loop, you will need to create it and add it in Step #5 between the front and back layers of your stocking.

For my example, I have been dabbling in leatherwork lately, so I decided to add a leather loop. 

I simply punched holes in both ends of a 5” strip of leather. I then made two identical holes in my stocking and used rivets to attach the leather strap to the stocking. 

There you have it! A gorgeous, handmade Christmas stocking.

5 More Adorable Christmas Stocking Patterns 

1. Patchwork Christmas Stocking Pattern

Patchwork Christmas Stocking Pattern

Classic and charming, this pattern will look gorgeous over your fireplace this holiday season, don’t you think?

2. Quilted Star Stocking Pattern

I love the simplicity of these stockings. The pattern will show you how to make the three different stars in the above image. 

3. 2 Styles of Christmas Stockings Pattern

2 Styles of Christmas Stockings Pattern

Oh my goodness, how adorable are those “Elf” stockings? Kids would LOVE these! This pattern also gives instructions on how to make the traditional stocking style. The pattern also includes two sizes for each type of stocking.

4. Scrappy Mini Stocking Pattern

Scrappy Mini Stocking Pattern

This pattern will give you detailed instructions on how to create these sweet mini stockings. The finished size is 6”x4”, perfect for little treats for your kiddos or fur babies.

5. Simple Christmas Stocking Pattern

Simple Christmas Stocking Pattern

You get your money’s worth with this pattern. It is only $4.99, and you receive four different sizes for stockings and several different applique templates in this pattern. 

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Christmas stockings are a wonderful tradition that adults and children alike love to celebrate and open. Whether you use our instructions or one of these great patterns I have listed, you are sure to make something that will be enjoyed and loved for years to come.

The holiday season is right around the corner. Feel the Christmas vibes with these quilted Christmas stocking designs and learn how to do it.

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